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About PVC grain process related issues

by:CSSSLD     2021-02-03
PVC extrusion molding factory of PVC key for grain processing technology and formula, mixing and extrusion of plastic processing equipment

sauce processing common problems the key is the temperature of the critical temperature in the process of the plastic extrusion equipment temperature vacuum pump much of a problem.

actual business specific steps:

1. Color yellow problems

the reason and the treatment countermeasures are:

a, smooth PVC itself. If it is just in manufacturer of PVC resin, PVC itself may be smooth is poor, can try more to replace PVC. However, even the application have been use the famous brand of PVC, also may be the result of PVC resin itself, because even the same manufacturer production of PVC, different batch number, quality is also there will appear the difference.

2, thickener is not

3, temperature control instrument out of the situation, shows that the temperature is lower than the specific information, have the high temperature lead to dissolve the PVC, yellow. At this time must be re-examined calibrate temperature control instrument. Way is very simple, with mercury thermometer calibration. In concrete production, because the thermal resistance is loose, stick to raw materials, such as are result in the temperature control instrument display temperature and specific information. Moreover proposed application of high quality temperature control instrument, often international brand with RKC waalwijk, o mother dragon.

2。 Plastic sheet has bubbles

the reason:

1. PVC raw materials too much moisture, such as during the summer rainy day, get damp raw materials, the water would be from may not be sufficient in the cylinder, heat deformation, then produce bubbles in the plastic sheet.

2。 Furthermore modifying agent is also there will be the moisture content is too high.
what has been discussed above, countermeasures to choose: a modest increase in thermal mixing time of mixer, cooling mixer and application. Can be reasonable to remove the moisture of raw materials.

3。 Plastic sheet microtek for excess grade, also called fisheye

TPE caused by the common reason is: some PVC resin particles are fused, or melting is not very good. Produce reason has: PVC resin itself is not very good quality. Not changing standards of PVC resin, the countermeasures for:

a, a modest increase in the mixing time and upgrade the wrong material temperature, promote digestion and absorption of modified agents. And selects the high quality mixture generator, mixture generator for raw materials, melting the actual effect, is irreplaceable.

2, mixed good raw materials to or placed most of the day, let its ripening, application again.

3, to moderate level set temperature of the cylinder, increase the extruder screw speed, improve engine working pressure level, further improve the melting characteristics.

4, in secret, must be carefully selecting suitable modifier, and the modifier usage, modifying agent sales market at present stage is disorder, the product quality difference is very big, you choose, in terms of price and features to look for a good equilibrium.

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