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Are we informed about Plastic injection part weight and volume after shipment?
Of course. The freight cost is determined by the volume and weight of the packed cargo. Different modes of transport also charge differently for the same quantity and weight of products. For example, if you are in an urgent need of the products and prefer to choose air transportation, a pricing technique - the volumetric weight, for commercial freight transport, needs to be adopted. Our partner - logistics company, will provide the exact dimensional weight including the length, width, and height, and also the weight of the Plastic injection part box.
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Changshu shunda plastic products factory is a highly reliable producer for Plastic ventilation ductwork. As one of CSSSLD's multiple product series, Plastic ventilation ductwork series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. The metallic elements used in the production of CSSSLD extruded plastic channel has undergone a full analysis such as failure analysis. This analysis is carried out in the materials laboratory. This product provides flame retardancy to some extent. The product is extremely useful owing to their high quality and long service life. This product stretches and is very flexible.
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CSSSLD is committed to ensuring our Plastic injection part translate into real value for our customers. Get an offer!

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