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Changshu da plastic products factory speak smoothly under the hollow plastic material production methods

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Hollow plastic profile extrusion can be according to the hollow profile shape, hole number ( In the section of single-hole extrusion is when the hole shape and size) , the hole on the degree of asymmetric distribution center of the section and other factors, is suitable for butt welding performance good plastic on forward extrusion, the following smoothly da plastic products factory in changshu hollow plastic material production method!

in accordance with the plastic pipe material production methods of hollow plastic material necessary condition is that the cross section relative to the two orthogonal axes should have high symmetry, the size of the hole should not be less than 18 ^ - 20 mm.

due to the limitation of the structure of existing extruder, tools to achieve reliable fixation and disassembly are very complicated, so in the Soviet union in accordance with the plastic pipe material production methods in the production of hollow plastic material practice, can only use extruder extrusion with round hole or a circular profile of the round hole section hollow plastic material.

with combination die extrusion hollow plastic material, its characteristic is along the entire profile has formed in the process of extrusion weld ( According to the structure of the mold is different, there will be two or more than two weld) 。

wall plate production process mainly has two kinds. One of the most common is to use & other; Flat & throughout; Extrusion tube extrusion flat ribbed wall. The second method ( Pipe extrusion method) , widely used in the production of slab thickness, shape, not too complex and same siding with longitudinal rod. This method is to squeeze out the external longitudinal reinforcement of the pipe, then along the tube billet bus cut open and expand into plane.
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