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Changshu smooth plastic products factory talk about PVC plastic synthetic method!

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
PVC plastic profiles are widely used in construction, hardware appliances, decoration, daily living supplies, sanitary ware, etc. , is a kind of plastic material currently used more widely. Production of PVC plastic profile is dependent on the PVC plastic, PVC plastic is made of what? Changshu below smooth plastic products factory talk about PVC plastic synthetic method!

PVC plastic refers to by the acetylene gas and hydrogen chloride synthesis of vinyl chloride, aggregates, the PVC plastic 80 are in the world today is produced by ethylene oxidation method. But after 2003, because of oil prices, cost of calcium carbide acetylene method rather than ethylene oxidation is about 10% lower, so the preparation process of the PVC plastic and turned to the calcium carbide acetylene method.

the PVC plastic is by liquid vinyl chloride monomer ( VCM) After the suspension, emulsion or solution method, ontology is synthetic, including suspension synthesis process production technology mature, simple operation, low production cost, product variety, wide application range, has been the main synthesis methods of PVC plastic, in PVC plastic production accounts for roughly 90% of the proportion in the device ( 。

followed by emulsion method, used in the production of PVC paste resin. The polymerization reaction caused by free radicals, reaction temperature, as a general rule, be 40 & ndash; — 70 oc, reaction temperature and initiator concentration on the polymerization rate and molecular weight distribution of the PVC plastic.
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