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Changshu smoothly da plastic products factory introduces four kinds of PVC plastic profile extrusion technology

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Extrusion molding in plastic processing, also known as extrusion, in the rubber extrusion machining using hydraulic pressure in the extrusion of said pressure mold itself. Refers to the material through the extruder, between the cylinder and the screw side heated plasticizing, edge was screw to push forward, through the nose, made of various cross section products continuously or semi-product of a processing method. Including a total of extrusion technology is advanced technology of the plastics extrusion technology, under the well da plastic products factory in changshu introduce four kinds of PVC plastic profile extrusion technology:

1, PVC PVC color masterbatch co-extrusion

the carrier, the pigment in rigid PVC resin processing into color masterbatch, color masterbatch on the surface of PVC profiles co-extrusion layer with thin layer of color, colorful decoration effect. Can produce such as rose, light blue, bronze, light grey color profiles. Defect is poor weatherability, scrap recycling difficult.

  2、PVC- PMMA double-color coextrusion

on the surface of PVC plastic material in outdoor co-extrusion layer 0. 2 - — 0. 5 mm thick PMMA to progress profile of the shading effect and anti-aging performance, using the technology to produce all sorts of color of red, yellow, green, brown and imitation wood grain surface favored by people.

3, PVC soft and hard co-extrusion

is usually the sealing unit directly to squeeze embedded in the corresponding position of the profile, sealing reliability, at the same time, also can cut down the consumption of raw materials, and convenient assembly of doors and Windows.

4, PVC material, old and new co-extrusion

in plastic material properties and the quality is not high, the application of recycling waste co-extrusion, can reduce the capital, the technology has successfully solved the plastic material manufacturer had the title of the poor quality of leftover material recycling.
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