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Changshu smoothly da plastic products factory talk about color shading four methods of PVC plastic profile

by:CSSSLD     2021-02-03
PVC plastic profiles are common in the market to the product, its surface has a very good finish, the overall look special smooth, look very comfortable, appearance also is diversity, more beautiful, PVC plastic material color shading is one of the important factors, smooth da plastic products factory in changshu simple for everyone today to talk about PVC plastic material color shading four methods:

1, the overall color. This approach is mixing pigments in powder for PVC plastic profile extrusion, get overall coloring colour PVC plastic material. Use one of method, if the general dyes, due to poor dye ultraviolet resistance, generally two years in the outdoor is badly faded, this method is gradually withdraw from the market.

2, composite co-extrusion. This approach is in the process of PVC plastic profile extrusion composite extrusion a layer of color film. And different material need different mould, need different color masterbatch, qualified products is also more difficult to recycle.

3, color film. This method is made from colored plastic coated in advance on the special laminating machine, glue, heating mechanical laminating method, will be coated on the surface of PVC plastic profile. Due to complicated construction technology and equipment, production yield is not high and the cost is higher.

4, paint spraying. It can online spraying in the process of plastic profile production, can also be used in a special surface coating or the whole coating spraying plant, is the most potential of PVC plastic profile coloring coating product.
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