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Changshu smoothly up to squeeze SuChang co-extrusion plastic material three big advantages

by:CSSSLD     2021-02-03
Countries around the world in the historical experience shows that in the process of the modernization of co-extrusion plastic material development speed of the speed of economic growth over the same period, using co-extrusion plastic material instead of traditional profile is an irresistible trend of development of the history, so how did co-extrusion plastic material is that? And what are the advantages? Changshu smoothly reach below SuChang talk co-extrusion plastic profiles three advantages:

1, the strength and rigidity:

co-extrusion plastic material on the surface of the strength and rigidity, co-extrusion actually belong to other plastic shaped materials & other; Flexible pipe & throughout; , at the right design and laying construction cases, co-extrusion load on the plastic material with the surrounding environment and therefore co-extrusion plastic material does not need to achieve the same intensity and rigidity and metal profiles, can meet the requirement of mechanical properties in use.

co-extrusion profiles plastic wall smooth, small resistance,, large flux, small construction and can be reduced.

2, comprehensive economy:

in terms of comprehensive economic, the advantage of co-extrusion plastic material l is being more and more users know, especially in terms of price, co-extrusion plastic material is lower than metal material is very good, also is very good choice and practical aspects.
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