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Current situation of the development of injection mold manufacturer

by:CSSSLD     2021-02-03
Current situation of the development of injection molding machine mold manufacturers how to

injection mould manufacturer in recent years seems to be a factory, a lot of people are very concerned about the majority of people at the time of choosing these manufacturers, is perhaps the most attention is the development of the factory, because now, of course, after all these factories very much, we at the time of actual choice, if want to cooperate, must choose a more reliable manufacturers, from the current situation, the injection mold manufacturer how should choose after all, the development of these manufacturers? ( 1) Actually from existing injection molding machine mold manufacturers scale is small, generally speaking if it is small and medium-sized enterprises, their mould technology or management level or in a backward stage, has always been depending on what they grope for the experience of doing things, before following problems will occur, of course, such a kind of management pattern to be changed in the future development, and even some mould manufacturer all of their chosen processing mode is to use the master train an apprentice of this model, generally such an enterprise will phase out of the process of development in the future. ( 2) Of large injection mold manufacturer in the production process pay attention to the management of refinement, in general the manufacturer of this part of economic production, and the whole system process or is a standard of standardization, all can be reflected on the surface, but they are in the process of development, will be a comprehensive reference for the country's large files, can according to the request of national development, and with a special focus on each product's external audit, in the process of actual development, also pay attention to the quality of each product, they want to be able to better service to customers in this way. ( 3) Good xu states injection mold manufacturer has already formed the perfect production standards, and in the standard system and systematic process, it can bring us a better experience, on the one hand and more in this respect the customer quality and delivery requirements, these manufacturers are able to meet the actual needs of customers, and their quality can be guaranteed, in the process of actual delivery, all the time will be able to finish his homework, and the manufacturer when borrow orders here, according to each customer's order to do the entire fastidious, for those who cannot complete production or is said can not meet the technical requirements of the standard manufacturer requirements, basically they are likely to give back to the list, adhering to the service for the customer the good idea, sincere service to the customers. ( 4) Most small and medium-sized injection mold manufacturer in the process of development, will be completely to many aspects of use and maintenance of products, and they maintain awareness is very low, there is no perfect process, the whole maintenance system is relatively poor, for the moment most of the small and medium enterprises in the process of development, completely can according to their own situation to do various transformation, actually they can transform their ideas into the front work to take preventive measures and related equipment according to the standardization of the existing standard production, and pay attention to in the development process of the approach of large manufacturers. Now in the development process of injection mold manufacturer will present this development trend, and small and medium-sized enterprises will face at the same time as development transformation.

injection mold processing and how to improve the mould quality

injection mould manufacturing is a very complicated process, from the initial design, processing, assembling and debugging steps, in the end really be put into use, in the whole life cycle of every working procedure must consider the impact of the quality of injection mold, every detail is to reach the designated position, so as to improve the final quality of the injection mould. 1, choose good casting material, material quality directly affects the quality of the injection mould, choose good performance, good heat resistance materials is very important, so it's best to produce a product. 2, the design of the injection mould to scientific and reasonable, for technical researchers, if you want to put the things design products that meet the market demand now, must be reasonable design, using the standard mould structure, the merits of the completion of mold parts, mold structure of reusability, technical specification of machinability. 3, improve the quenching process, for injection mold, the quenching process is cannot little, hardening steps to correct operation, if it is a step wrong operation, will produce mould appear quality problem, cause the injection mould can not use or shorten service life. 4, mold assembly: injection mould assembly like to assemble the machine and every parts, each screw can't go wrong, otherwise the consequences will be severe, light led to the product defects, affect production, or damage the mould completely, causing scrap. So the assembly work must be very careful. Especially pay attention to during the process of assembling mold cleaning job, especially water, screw holes, be sure to clean the inside of the iron. 5, mold maintenance: mold maintenance is mainly the preventive maintenance and in the process of production. After each mold used to conduct a comprehensive maintenance, in particular forming part of the rust, main motion parts of rust. Because the mould due to the production process to pick up water, may have to sleep in the process of installation or remove to mold, so make sure the mould dry, then brush a layer of oil to protect.
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