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Plastic extrusion molding process

by:CSSSLD     2021-02-03
After extruder preheated to a predetermined temperature, pneumatic motor drive screw rotation conveyor plastic, at the same time to join in cylinder plastic injection molding processing. The plastic cylinder under the action of a plus heat and shear friction heat melt plasticization, due to the screw rotates to plastic are pushing force plastic via the filter on the filtering plate, depends on the shape of the nose molding for certain mouth profiles continuously. The extrudate quality is poorer, the appearance of the early also poor, to adjust the process conditions and equipment until normal to put into production.

is the most key part of the extruder extrusion system, because it is through extrusion system plastic and plastic into uniform melt, and established in the process of the pressure, the screw continuous constant pressure, quantitative, fixed temperature of extrusion head. Extrusion system is mainly composed of screw and cylinder, screw extruder is one of the most important parts. The output of a designated plastic extruder extrusion, melt temperature, melt uniformity, power consumption, and so on mainly decided by the screw structure and size.

sticky flow state of plastic melt in the extruder screw spiral force under the action of pushing, by a certain shape of the mouth of the mould and get cross section and the mouth mould continuous profile shape is consistent. Through the appropriate processing methods, such as sizing treatment, cooling, make already extrusion of plastic profiles continuously curing for plastic parts. Most extrusion molding with granular plastic, powder with less. Should be dry before molding processing, raw material drying is often done in the oven or dryer. Also, as far as possible to remove impurities that exist in the plastic.

drive is the main purpose of the screw drive system, ensure the screw in the working process of the required torque and rotational speed. Heating cooling system is to ensure that the main function of the plastic and extrusion system in the process of forming temperature to meet the process requirements. And host form a complete set of auxiliary in extrusion production process equipment known as auxiliary. Different extrusion plastic parts, and host form a complete set of auxiliary components and structure is different. The nose is a major part of the plastic molding, molten material for certain geometric cross section and size. In auxiliaries, the nose is the most critical section.

is the role of sizing system parts finishing, to obtain more accurate cross section shape, size, and the surface of the light. Usually adopt the method of cooling and pressure to achieve this purpose. The role of cooling device is to finalize the design of plastic parts fully cooling, to get the final shape and size. The role of the traction device is uniform drawing plastic parts, and to control parts section size, make the stable extrusion process. Is the role of take-up device RuanSu winding roll.

extrusion molding is a kind of widely used, for a large proportion of plastic processing method, mainly for the production of continuous profiles. Besides thermoplastics, extrusion molding part can also be used for thermosetting plastic molding. Compared with other molding methods, such as processing and injection molding extrusion molding with continuous forming, large quantity, high production efficiency, equipment simple structure, low cost, convenient operation, etc. Equipment used in the extrusion molding is called extrusion unit, mainly consists of the extruder, auxiliary machine and control system. In extruder extrusion unit, also known as the host, is the core equipment in the unit, is mainly composed of extrusion system, transmission system, heating and cooling system and the fuselage, etc.

the role of the control system is to control the extrusion equipment of main, auxiliary engine motor, make it meet the speed and power required by process; Control of main, auxiliary engine temperature, pressure, flow, ensure the quality of plastic parts; Realize the automatic control of the whole extrusion unit, ensure the operation of main, auxiliary engine coordination. Plastic raw material in the extruder barrel temperature and screw rotation that under the influence of compaction and mixed by the powder or granular into a viscous flow material, or solid plastic in the closed to dissolve in organic solvents and become sticky material flow, and then added to the extruder cylinder. Usually using dry production in.

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