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Plastic mold of choose and buy when is related matters need attention

by:CSSSLD     2021-02-03
Plastic mold of choose and buy is related issues need to be paid attention to when

plastic mold is a combination of tools, many aspects need to use this kind of mold, so also need to buy the mould, so the choose and buy when the mould is need to pay attention to the related matters, so that you can buy a better mold. Don't just notice when the choose and buy the mold mold the appearance of the image, should pay attention to the manufacture of the mould, this is more important, if only pay attention to the appearance of the mould design, then ignored the role of its own, it would not have to choose the right mold, so the choose and buy, I will go for mould manufacturing. Quality is an important factor of plastic moulds of choose and buy, because the mould quality is affecting the product quality, so I want to buy mould to choose and buy good quality mould, so as to make the quality of the product better, so pay attention to this aspect can also choose to the satisfaction of the mold. Find fame good manufacturers purchase is more reliable, this also is able to buy a good mould, as now the factory is more, don't choose, high-profile manufacturers of plastic mold is a reliable, and changshu plastic mold factory is your best choice!

choosing plastic mold factory, if such as value manufacturers offer?

when we choose plastic mold factory, if such as regards manufacturers offer, how can you trust? 1, there are many kinds of mould, can be roughly divided into 10 categories. On the basis of component materials, physical and chemical functions, mechanical strength, dimensional accuracy, surface finish, using different requirements such as life, economy, choose different types of die forming. 2, high precision mould needs using
high pure degree of the numerical control machine tool processing, all has the strict request and mould material, forming process, still need to use CAD/CAE /
CAM mould skills to planning and analysis. 3, because some parts have special requirements, the mould still need to use warm water, gas-assisted molding, nitrogen gas cylinder and other advanced technology. 4, plastic mold factory should have CNC, edm, line cutting machine tools and CNC profile milling equipment, high
fine grinding machine, high pure degree of
three coordinates measuring instrument, computer programming and related software, etc. 5, large stamping die (commonly Such as car covering mould) To consider whether the machine has a pressure group, and lubricant, multi-station progressive, etc. In addition to stamping tonnage consider speed, feeding equipment, machine tools and mould protection equipment. 6, the production technique and process of the mould not every enterprise has and grasp. When choosing cooperation plastic mould manufacturer must understand its processing capacity, not only see the hardware devices, and combined with management level, processing experience and skills. 7, to the same set of mold, different plastic mould manufacturers offer sometimes there is a big gap. You should not pay higher than the value of mould cost, and should not be less than the mould. Mould manufacturer like you, want to get a reasonable profit in business. Ordering a set of cheap mould quotation will be likely to trouble your production start. Users must starting from itself requirements, comprehensive measure.
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