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PVC extrusion production process is introduced

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
The general process for the production of PVC in extrusion products are as follows:

formula design and purchasing material → The main auxiliary materials mixing ( Mixer) Material - → Extrusion processing ( Extruder) Continuous - → After heating, Mould, finalize the design) Continuous & rarr; Traction length, cutting ( Traction cutting machine) Continuous - → Double material inspection, warehousing handling - → Assembly, welding, etc. ( Assembly, welding and other equipment) Test - → Suitable to

the end user products in the process of the above production process, plastic profile extrusion production process including the formula design, only the main supplementary material mixing, extrusion processing, cooling stereotypes, traction measuring, cutting and sticker printing and material process.

extrusion production of special-shaped material eventually need assembly, machining, welding and so on a number of special working procedures can be as the final products for applications such as doors and Windows. Therefore from the application perspective of special-shaped material, plastic profile extrusion production is similar to wood materials production of semi-finished products ( Wood saw after the logging solution to save processing) 。 From above the general requirements of mechanical production process also shows to the functional requirement of the special-shaped material production equipment and the technical route, namely in formula design ( Repeated the experiment) And material mixing process is completed, in extrusion equipment must be continuous and full automatic feeding, plasticizing and exhaust, extrusion, molding, cooling stereotypes, traction, measuring, cutting and stacking process. And to finish every step for efficient working procedure and eventually produce up to standard profiles, including technical correlation degree is high, equipment technology and processing object matching specific process requirements of science often becomes the most specific practical significance in the extrusion technology work. Inorganic metal materials and cutting machine, as for organic polymer ( Plastic special-shaped material) Processing of mechanical equipment, its mechanical performance and forming accuracy is not only related to the equipment precision, more object and processing property and processing of various process ( Thermal history, rheological process, phase change process, etc. ) And its matching degree. Therefore, from the equipment technology innovation and development and abnormal production process more in-depth study of both improve will promote to a higher level in extrusion technology leap.

plastic profile extrusion technology system:

plastic profile extrusion technology system mould technology, the system has a perfect recipe ( Process) Design and extrusion device, there is no corresponding mold necessary support, make good products is still a dream. Extrusion die profile is decided to product surface quality and extrusion production rate of the key factors, its main function is to guarantee the requirements of the plastic melt cross section shape and fixed, at the same time take the extrusion equipment peak potential and make their stability by high rate of production. Therefore, the extrusion mould technology system is one of the key technology of extrusion technology system.

that's relevant knowledge about PVC extrusion production process is introduced, the hope can help you. Smooth da plastic products factory, founded in 1997, is located in changshu city, one of the important cities of jiangsu province, is a professional production and sales service in one of the intensive, large-scale enterprises. Company's main products include various specifications of PVC profile customization, PVC trough, PVC floor groove, PVC pipe line and so on, has the advantages of rich performance quality, specifications, product quality have been certified by national authoritative organization, market feedback is good.

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