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Why don't PVC extrusion slot stable

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
In PVC extrusion machine, extrusion is not stable, led to the production of PVC corner slot machine output material fast a slow, sometimes more sometimes less, which greatly affect the quality of the PVC trough. For these cases, small make up several reasons are summarized:

1, internal lubrication uneven also leads to uneven emission materials;

2, light calcium powder dosage is too high, lead to uneven mixing and fluffy. The result is uneven feed speed, in serious cases, cause bridge is also the main reason. To switch to coarse whiting will greatly improve;

3, uneven heating does not cause fluctuations, reflecting on the pipeline appearance of differences. I think this kind of volatility is mainly due to the mixture of blanking speed, and calcium powder plasticizing differences caused by too much. We can do something in the calcium carbonate, mentioned below to add powder is also a good way;

4, instability caused by blockage when cutting tool;

5, PVC extrusion instability should be high calcium content, raw materials, raw materials under the bridge due to the raw material is not uniform, as a result of, can add more flour to solve this problem;

6, screw speed control is not accurate. But now because of variable frequency speed control technology development and progress, this kind of situation is rare.

7, excess lubricant, especially when external lubrication too much, can lead to material slippage between the barrel and screw, it will not form a solid solid plug, and can lead to different speed when the discharge;

8, heating system control is not accurate, PVC extrusion random barrel temperature instability and fluctuate;

9, mould is caused by insufficient external sliding or stability. Poor toughness pipeline are also associated with insufficient stabilizer. If stabilizer enough, you can add to improve its impact modifiers;

10, plasticizing capacity is insufficient, will lead to an unstable sometimes discharge;

11 and unstable conveying, bridging hopper in the material, causing uneven feed, is by far the most common problems.
the above are our professional PVC extrusion twenty years of experience summed up the most common problem, hope to be able to help you. Our main products include arc trough, square trough, deltoid, corner line, play crural line, line that protect part, etc. , also have PVC extrusion different custom. Well pleased to continue to answer for you and popularize related knowledge.
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