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A new type of inorganic flame retardant magnesium hydroxide

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Metal hydroxide flame retardants, aluminum hydroxide to enter the market early, consumption is much bigger than magnesium hydroxide. Although get the suitable crystal shape has been for many years, magnesium hydroxide crystal growth difficult to control, the original production process of magnesium hydroxide is more complex, cause the price of magnesium hydroxide is higher, has plagued his practical application. In recent years on the basis of precipitation and water legal development the new technology of magnesium hydroxide production, makes the trend of the magnesium hydroxide with instead of aluminium hydroxide.

than magnesium hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide has many advantages: 1. Aluminum hydroxide thermal decomposition temperature is 245 - Decomposition temperature 340-320 ℃, and magnesium hydroxide Lower than 490 ℃, the effective use range, suitable for processing temperature is lower resin. Aluminum hydroxide due to the low decomposition temperature, some of the water of crystallization in material processing has decomposition, easy to make the products more bubble, porous, its flame retardant effect also fall. And magnesium hydroxide can be add material makes higher injection processing temperature, extrusion speed and shorten the molding time. Decomposition can be bigger than aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide, high heat capacity, able to inhale more heat and flame retardant effect is better. 2. Magnesium hydroxide granularity is smaller than aluminum hydroxide, less wear of materials processing equipment, to extend the service life of equipment. 3. Magnesium hydroxide of the effect of smoke is better than aluminum hydroxide, and toxic gases from the burning of polymer. 4. The original rich resources, sea water contains large amounts of magnesium salt, as well as magnesite.

type belongs to add flame retardant type magnesium hydroxide, thermal decomposition releases moisture, absorb a large amount of heat at the same time, can reduce the temperature of the material surface, making slow the rate of polymer degradation, then small molecule fuel production is reduced. Release of the surface of the water dilutes the oxygen, make the burning harder. Magnesium hydroxide in the surface of the material form carbonization layer, prevent the entry of oxygen and heat, decomposition of magnesium oxide and magnesium hydroxide is high-grade refractory material, so when the combustion source hours, the fire will automatically stop, have the effect of flame retardant. Because of the magnesium hydroxide flame retardant role mainly in polymer degradation area, reduce the production of fuel, but very little effect on mixing zone, little impact of fuel combustion, smoke less, and magnesium hydroxide can dilute and absorb smoke, so magnesium hydroxide have reduced smoke effect.

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