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Changshu shunda plastic products factory (CSSSLD) is a professional non - standard plastic products OEM factory. 

Provide full solution from concept, design, develop, and fabricate. And completely business service from inquiry, production, inspection, delivery and after sales.


Specialized in plastic extrusion profile, pipe and injection part customization since 1997. 
We provide in-house tooling production, also kinds of after production process such as printing, painting, special cutting, punching, drilling, ect. 

Concept and idea

Discussion with customer to know more about their design and idea

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Subject: New Inquiry For Plastic


Sender: William

Receiver: fish@csssld.com

Date: 02/12/2019 16:10


We are a looking for extruding a plastic profile with drilled holes ( drawing attached). It is a frame for the brush to suit the machine cleaning airport runaways.

So far we have been using PE-HD as a raw material – it must be resistant against cold temperatures (up to -40 C) and wear – not recycled material.


Delivery parcel :
Profile – length 832,5 (830) mm – drilled – please refer to the attached drawing – 19104 PCS
Profile – length 697 mm – drilled with the same hole spacing as 832,5 mm ( drawings will be delivered before the order)  - 24822 PCS
Profile – length  705 mm - drilled with the same hole spacing as 832,5 mm ( drawings will be delivered before the order) – 2646 PCS


Are you also producing components with injection molding ?
There is another part to the same brush (tuft holder) – drawing attached .
Annual need for this tuft holder is around 800 000 pcs (one or two deliveries).
Material specification  :  working temperature -30 C -  +30 C (hardness at least 90 Shore A – Stretch value at least 400%).


What is the raw material recommended by you.
Prices for tooling ?
Delivery time for the first sample ?
Delivery time for the order to shipment of the production parcel ?
I will send more drawings as well as 3D model of the parts if the pricing is accepted.
Thank you for the co-operation already in advance !
Terveisin / Best regards / MVH,
 Arto Wallin


To confirm production feasibility, material, profile and injection part also fitted aluminum profile, three parts how to match up well with each other. 
Produce 3D or CNC prototypes first. 


Mold / Tool designing and production. 


Initial samples checking before sending customer to approve.

Mass production: 

Be launched when samples approved by customers. 

Packing & Delivery

Packing in custom size of export cartons, inside which put foam PE film to protect.

Stick with label and shipping marks. Put all on pallets for better safe shipping.



Continuous to follow- up customer’s feedback.

Positive Keep in contact and recommend

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