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Plastic mold

Free mold design and develop for large quantity !

CSSSLD mainly produce Plastic extrusion mold/tool/mould, plastic injection mold and rubber mould.

As a manufacturer of products, we did molds not for earn profit, just support our good production and give more good and cost-effective service to every customer.

CSSSLD ’s extrusion mould which is for single or double colors and materials. Customized mold materials for profile with different materials. Cold or hot cooling process. And different structures for different profiles. Can do matte or highlight surface, can cover with silver, golden films for decorative profiles. And sure long, high production capacity more than 200kgs per day.  

CSSSLD ‘s plastic injection mold with a little or many cavities, meet customer’s different production quantity. Use brand standard mould base, save develop time and sure the stable goods production.  

CSSSLD ‘s rubber mould, have testing mould for one or two cavities with very low cost, if you are not sure the design, can choose that first. And for mass production, also have good qualified mass production mould customized for different kind of rubber, silicone, EPDM, NBR part...

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