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Plastic ventilation ductwork

CSSSLD plastic ductwork manufacturers focus on plastic ventilation ductwork and plastic ducting, HVAC outdoor line set cover pipe and fittings. High quality plastic ducting is widely used on the low ceiling for the kitchen and bathroom exhausting of the apartment with enough airflow. CSSSLD plastic ductwork manufacturers have full common items of them with different size ranges to meet the different requirements of customers, every year delivery many to Europe, Australia, India and Southeast of Asia. The material is fire and smoke resistant, SGS approved. Environmental protective. Safe to use on the construction. For material years of production experience, CSSSLD plastic ductwork manufacturers have a steady production process, good quality control and a safe way of packing and delivering. Also, some common sizes of plastic ducting are full of stock, can meet little quantity, especially for some fittings.


Also if you have your own size range or special color requirements of the plastic ventilation ductwork, CSSSLD provides the full design of each item very soon, and develop tools at the quickest time.

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