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ABS resin injection molding processing

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
In the process of preparation of ABS, join the fourth component or replace ABS with another component which is one of the three components, belongs to the category of the copolymerization modification. The resulting a series of new type of polymer injection tooling. MABS, on the basis of the original three of the components, increase the MMA fourth component. Performance similar to ABS, but light transmittance can reach 88%, become transparent ABS. ASA is acrylic instead of ABS easy aging butadiene components, resistance to ultraviolet radiation 6 - higher than that of ABS 10 times.

SMA is a great potential for development of new type thermoplastic, it - 15% each year Growth rate is 20%, the SMA alloy and enhance the level of SMA in the automotive industry, electronic industry, machinery industry, office equipment, optical instrument industry is more and more widely used. ABS resin is acrylonitrile Butadiene - Styrene copolymer. ABS this name is used to made the copolymers of three monomers: acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene initials.

ABS with PA, PC, TPU blending, can further improve the impact strength of ABS, and heat resistant polymer can improve the rigidity, surface hardness of ABS and appearance of the brightness of the product. In addition, can improve the low temperature resistance mixing SBS, improving wear resistance, a certain proportion can be mixed TPU and silicone oil, the improvement of the weatherability can use the ACS and PVDF, PBT, can improve the drug resistance of ABS.

ABS thermoplastic resin is developed in the 1950 s, has excellent comprehensive performance, is widely applied. Because is three monomer copolymer, three kinds of monomers respectively in the copolymer and the proportion of, can be in a long range change, thus forming different brand, different performance of ABS resin. Copolymer of acrylonitrile monomer with rigidity, chemical resistance, heat resistance provide impact toughness, butadiene monomer styrene monomer to provide a good processability and dyeing.

raise one or two kinds of monomer content, which means that the performance of a particular aspect strengthen, on the other hand the performance of relatively weakened. General level of ABS to make three monomers with proper proportion, so that the performance is relatively balanced, application range is wide. ABS has moderate mechanical strength, toughness, impact resistance, high surface hardness, good surface gloss. Good electrical insulation, the most widely used in electrical equipment and household appliances shell material.

the new development of HIPS, both injection molding processability, impact resistance and gloss appearance, can compete with ABS, can even compete with ABS/PS alloy, new competition points and office machinery and computer components is the growth point. Styrene modified varieties, in addition to the ABS, AS resin in the development of varieties of performance optimization, application field and extension are also constantly have new discovery and new development. Consumer's main market or computer, electronic equipment, automation instrument and video components, car inner decoration, etc.

glass fiber can greatly improve the mechanical properties of ABS, 2 - tensile strength, bending strength can be improved Three times, creep resistance can be improved - 7 Eight times. In addition, thermal stability, weatherability were increased, but the impact strength is decreased obviously. By using carbon fiber reinforced, mechanical properties, and gives the electric equipment of electromagnetic shielding required. Preparation of ABS alloy is to improve the performance of ABS, an important way to enlarge the range of ABS application.

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