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Adding heat stabilizer to improve plastic processing performance

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Heat stabilizer is a kind of thermal decomposition temperature of resin can be improved so as to change the thermal stability of additives, he is mainly used to improve the processability of PVC resin. Lead salts are commonly used PVC heat stabilizer, its dosage can account for more than two thirds of PVC heat stabilizer. The advantages of lead salt heat stabilizers, good thermal stability, has the long-term heat stability, good electrical insulation performance, good weather resistance. Lead salt stabilizer faults: a poor dispersion, toxicity and early coloration, hard to get transparent products, also hard to get bright color products, lack of lubrication, easy to produce sulfur and cadmium pollution. POM processing temperature range is very narrow, only around 10 ℃. To prevent the thermal decomposition of oxygen in high temperature, sometimes need to add antioxidants.

between lubricant is to reduce the material and the friction on the surface of the material and processing equipment, so as to reduce the flow resistance of the melt, reduce the melt viscosity, increase of melt flow, avoid the melt adhesive with equipment, improve the surface of injection molding products processing.

according to the classification of lubricant, can be divided into internal and external lubricants, the difference between internal and external lubricant mainly according to the size and the compatibility of resin. In lubricant and affinity resin, its function is to reduce forces between the molecules. The affinity of small lubricant with resin, its role is to reduce friction between resin and processing machinery. Between the internal and external lubricant is only relative, no strict standard.

in the polarity of different resin, internal and external lubricant is likely to change. Under the different processing temperature, the internal and external lubricant change. Pressure molding, textile stick, to reduce the melt viscosity and the purpose of enhancing liquidity. Outside the lubricant should be lubricant and lubricant, commonly used varieties is given priority to with metallic soap, and proper match with stearic acid.

processing AIDS for a class of additives can improve the resin injection molding processing performance, there are three kinds of its main function mode, improve resin melt, melt rheological properties and give the lubrication effect. Processing AIDS is mainly used for PVC resin and LLDPE resin.

PVC melt low ductility, easily lead to the melt broken, PVC melt relaxation slow, easily lead to product surface is rough, matt and shark skin, and so on, so the PVC processing is want want to join the processing aid, has improved its melt shortcomings. LLDPE melt rheology of specific, melt liquidity is not stable, easy to produce the melt fracture phenomenon, make the rough surface of injection molding processing products, the melt surface tension is small, when blown film bubble tube unstable, easy to produce jitter, in addition, LLDPE and high melt viscosity, produce the shortcomings such as high back pressure.

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