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Amino silane coupling agent

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Silane coupling agent as early treatment of glass fiber and glass fiber reinforced plastics. Amino silane coupling agent is one of the commonly used silane coupling agent, according to its amino containing the number can be divided into single amino, double amino, more than three amino and amino. Amino silane class belongs to universal coupling agent, in addition to the polyester resin, with almost all kinds of injection molding processing resin coupling effect.

amino silane coupling agent with catalytic, can be used as the curing agent of epoxy and polyurethane resin, its application is very extensive. 1. Used in glass fiber surface treatment, amino silane can improve the bonding performance of glass fiber and resin, improve the strength of the glass fiber reinforced composite materials, electrical, water proof, weather resistance and other properties; Even in the wet state, can significantly improve the mechanical properties of the composite material. 2. Used for environmental protection, amino silane is the important raw material for preparation of silicone resin solid pancreatic enzyme carrier. And can make the curing enzyme adhesion with the glass substrate. By solid-phase enzyme does not dissolve in water, not the deactivation of the solid phase enzyme after filtering still can continue to use, not only increase the efficiency of enzyme, can avoid to cause pollution and waste. 3. To deal with inorganic filler filled plastic, can advance to surface treatment, packing also can be directly added to the resin. Can improve the dispersion of filler in the resin and stick relay, improve process performance and fill the plastic properties, such as mechanical, electrical and weather resistance. 4. Used for textile auxiliaries, and organic silicone emulsion with, can improve the performance of wool fabric, the fabric has soft, plump, good resilience, waterproof, antistatic, etc. 5. Used as a viscosifier sealants, adhesives and coatings, can improve the adhesive strength, water resistance, high temperature resistance, weather resistance and other properties.

amino silane coupling agent, the application of the technology mainly include surface treatment method and integral blending method two kinds. Surface treatment method should be amino silane coupling agent into a dilute solution, and its full contact with treated surface; Commonly used solvents have alcohol. Match after good processing liquid, by impregnation method, spray or brush, etc. In general, massive, granular material and glass fiber treated with immersion method; Powder materials by using spray processing; The overall coating substrate surface required, brush method. Integral blending method is in front of the packing to join, amino silane coupling agent will concentrate with resin or polymer. Process of blending method is coupling agent first migrated from resin fiber or filler surface, and then with the filler surface. Need to set a period of time, therefore, in order to complete the migration process, then solidified. In composite materials formula, when using it has good compatibility with the packing surface, and lower molecular weight of additives, attention should be paid to release order, namely first join the silane coupling agent, adding additive, can obtain good results.

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