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Anti-wear additive and its mechanism of action

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Graphite has good lubricity, high temperature resistance, linear expansion coefficient is very small, can obviously improve the injection molding processing products of compression creep and dimensional stability, and can improve the PV value and the thermal conductivity. Molybdenum disulfide has low friction coefficient and good lubricity, add can obviously improve the friction and wear properties of nylon, increase the surface hardness, prevent wear and tear. Bronze powder has excellent thermal conductivity, can improve the mechanical strength of nylon, hardness, and obviously improve its wear resistance, creep, and dimensional stability.

with composite anti-wear lubrication system is valid, give priority to with main anti-wear additives, add some lubricants, crystallization nucleating agent is very necessary. Nucleating agent to improve the wear resistance of nylon contribution is that the addition of nucleating agent, promoted the formation and growth of nylon lattice, the details of the crystal lattice. Thus to a certain extent, improve the surface velocity of nylon. MoS2 has good anti-wear effect not only, still have certain enhancement effect. Add 1 to PA66. 5 - 2. 5% can effectively improve the friction wear properties of PA66. MoS2 for PA66 successful nuclear effect, can promote the crystallization of PA66 is subtle, improve the rigidity and hardness of PA66, have the effect of solid lubricant in the sliding process.

in carbon fiber nylon can get many of the performance is improved, especially the wear resistance, creep resistance are improved greatly. Glass fiber can greatly improve the wear life of nylon, glass fiber and carbon fiber and can be improve performance at the same time, corresponding to reduce costs. Eps tensile strength, hardness, wear resistance, heat resistance, and hard and fine texture, high parts finish. Ptfe excellent abrasion resistance, can significantly increase the friction and wear resistance of nylon. Long carbon chain fatty grease, amide class lubricants such as EBS, excellent lubricant is nylon.

according to the principle of friction and wear, the wear and base material properties, such as size, crystallinity and crystal morphology on the relative molecular mass, associated with the hardness of materials, related to the sliding velocity and pressure. Preparation of wear-resistant materials so the basic idea is to try to improve the hardness of materials, improve the crystalline structure of the body, increasing the base material and the lubricity of research.

anti-wear add choice, anti-wear additives are considered in the selection of friction coefficient is small, has a certain compatibility with nylon, high surface hardness or high lubricity of substance, and not at the expense of base material mechanical properties as the prerequisite. Agent configuration, a single anti-wear additives have not yet fully effective improve the wear resistance of nylon, as mentioned earlier, the friction and wear process of nylon is a complicated synthesis.

material can effectively reduce the friction coefficient of the material, the lubrication effect of this kind of material can make the friction resistance on the surface of the material smaller, equivalent to reduce the material's surface by the compressive and tensile stresses, therefore damage to suppress fatigue crack or adhesive has a greater contribution. Itself had no obvious reduction of matrix resin grinding effect or self lubricating effect of the material, but they can be generated and two substances synergy, help to improve and improve the wear resistance of material group and lubricity.

in terms of some kind of lubricant, and their mechanism of action is neither single nor invariable, because of the type of the matrix resin can sometimes have good antifriction effect or lubrication effect, sometimes lost as a lubricant. And it mainly depends on the matrix resin and the interaction between the friction pair. Research has shown to reduce the matrix resin and lubricant intermolecular interaction under the premise of matrix polymer crystallization process with different molecular exclusion effect, helps to improve the injection molding processing and friction and wear properties of materials.

anti-wear additive with lubrication effect is mainly organic polymer compound, from its effects, probably can be divided into three broad categories. Of matrix resin have good antifriction effect of substances, such substances are sometimes not only does not reduce the friction coefficient of the material, it will make it increase, but they will have the function of the limit of abrasive embedded depth, with inhibition of crystalline engineering plastics surface crystallization orientation layer effect or has self-healing effect, etc. , can better reduce the plough cut crack, and inhibit the plough cut the occurrence of crack also means that to a great extent, avoid the fatigue damage and destroy of adhesion.

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