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Antistatic plastic

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
In the design should not only master the injection processing size, and to grasp the scale. Size of the shape of each part. Scale refers to form relationships with people. According to the principle of human body engineering, the unreasonable object shape homework fatigue and damage can lead to the human body. For moving objects, the scale of the human upper limb arms space must be considered. Based on the principle of ergonomics, parts design also should avoid to make the operator is in the neutral position, or make the arm, wrist force in unnatural position.

there is a requirement for flame retardant products, electrical products, in addition to the above said also includes building supplies, etc. A lot of flame retardant products, not only to flame retardant, slow burning, also requires a minimum of smoke density and harmful gas release quantity. Because the latter to personnel at the scene of the fire escape is often more threatening. Heat resistant temperature of the plastic and metal materials, the use of plastic requires high temperature is unrealistic.

computer technology can help designers to build three-dimensional model of the product, by using CAE software to product structure, motion simulation and stress analysis to modify unreasonable part. Products pay particular attention to the structure design, avoid the sharp edges, right Angle, this is to avoid stress concentration, but also to prevent the sharp edges bodily injury to personnel. Pour edge horn design into a circular arc Angle but also to the molding of plastics melt flow and satisfy people in the pursuit of visual effects.

some of the practical application of plastic products, or want more or less often associated with temperature. The key when select material according to the actual use the highest possible temperature and duration determine the suitable material. Most applications need to focus on is, more than on the heated limit, may lead to products of softening, structure deformation and even fire. The chemical stability of the product in addition to need reasonable material selection, consider the loading condition of products, duration and working temperature.

associated with the chemical stability of products including built-in cosmetics, industrial chemicals, etc. Using chemical disinfection and radiation sterilization of medical products. In general the most need to focus on safety issues due to the specific situation is different. For packaging materials, security design not only consider the material itself safety issues, should also consider the material can provide adequate protection with goods quality. Medicine bottles should be avoid light requirements.

the use of the specific situation, we must use antistatic plastic materials. Computer room floor antistatic reach grade A, grade of mining underground use of injection molding processing products must comply with the safety inspection specification to surface resistance limit, etc. Given a lot of plastic fire prevention ability is poor, so there is a requirement for flame retardant in products, accord with certain flame retardant specifications of the plastic material should be used.

in general products, cross section shape and the size of the associated structural elements of the combination of impact on the safety of the mechanical products is the largest. According to the actual stress distribution of the product, in choosing the appropriate material on the basis of the structural design of the products in a reasonable manner, to ensure product safety and reliability. Large parts of the shape, size and the determination of wall thickness, strength, stiffness on products is conducted by finite element analysis calculation, estimate the carrying capacity and the optimization of product design is necessary, is also effective.

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