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Aramid fiber reinforced composite materials

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Aramid fiber reinforced composite injection molding processing is the deficiency of the compression strength is low, the other adverse factors in machining, finishing is difficult to cut. Aramid fiber reinforced composite materials are mainly used for aircraft structure materials, such as the plane's tail, landing gear, the body important parts, such as high transmittance of radar on the radio waves, so it can be used as a submarine, also used in the manufacture of missile shell, military helmet and other military supplies.

carbon fiber reinforced phenolic composite material can be used for rocket shell and nozzle, carbon fiber reinforced epoxy resin composite material of aircraft wing yo work. With carbon fiber reinforced polysulfone, nylon 66, PEEK, PPS, PTFE are extensive used in aerospace materials. Represented by carbon fiber composite materials of advanced composite materials, is a kind of very good radar wave absorbing materials, so the application potential on military aircraft.

with aramid fiber reinforced thermoplastic resin is more and more attention. Aramid fiber reinforced thermoplastic and strengthened, in comparison with the same kind of plastic has high strength, good toughness, high temperature, resistance to wear, etc. Compared with glass fiber and carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics, also shows its light weight, impact resistance, wear resistance, high strength, good isotropic superiority. Enhance the PPS with KF, wear resistance 20 times larger than the glass fiber reinforced PPS, and good mechanical properties, gap impact is greatly increased.

aramid fiber is short for aromatic polyamide fiber, developed by du pont in 1960 s, KF for short fibers. KF fiber is one of the special fiber yield larger variety, is one of three main synthetic fiber in reinforced composites. Aramid fiber low density, high tensile strength, modulus of a wide range, higher than the tensile strength of glass fiber and carbon fiber, than the modulus is similar to carbon fiber.

aramid fiber excellent heat resistance, temperature range, in - 190 - Within the range of 250 ℃ to maintain good physical properties. In addition to strong acid, strong alkali, for other chemical medium has a good stability. Small thermal expansion coefficient, excellent resistance to creep. Aramid fibers used to reinforced thermosetting resin and thermoplastic resin, can the preparation of high performance composite materials. The commonly used thermosetting resin with epoxy resin, phenolic resin and unsaturated polyester 3 kinds. Because of the epoxy resin has good compatibility with aramid fiber, weighs less than the other two kinds of resin, and can provide a wide range of comprehensive performance, so the application more widely.

CFRP has a very wide range of application scope, the choice of different polymer matrix, the optimum design of carbon fiber type, fiber type and fiber content, adopt different manufacture process route, can make the CFRP have different technical performance, meet the requirements of the use of a variety of purposes. Using continuous carbon fiber with high strength, high temperature resistant special engineering plastics compound injection molding processing of composite materials, mainly used in high technology fields.

with aramid fiber reinforced epoxy resin composites compared with glass fiber and carbon fiber reinforced composite materials, has high notched impact strength and excellent damping performance, the loss factor is the glass fiber and carbon fiber reinforced composites is 6 - 10 times. In addition, the composites showed similar in bending and compression stress and metal Strain characteristics, the strain is zero. 3% - 0. 5% when began to yield, with considerable ability to absorb at the same time, it has to do with there is fundamental difference between carbon fiber and glass fiber composites.

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