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Aromatic amine fiber

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Aromatic amine fiber outstanding characteristic is high strength and high modulus, its than strength is 3 - wire 4 times than modulus is 2 - steel and glass fiber Three times. Its relative density is only about one 5 of the steel wire. Its continuous use temperature can reach - 196 - 204℃。 In addition, in - Under the low temperature of 45 ℃ still can maintain its strong toughness at room temperature, its good dimensional stability, heat resistance and chemical corrosion resistance is also very good.

for more expensive aromatic amine fiber, the selection of engineering plastics matrix is applied. However, with the traditional method of the aromatic amine fiber mixed with thermoplastics, there are many problems in to a large extent because of short cut fiber and pulp has very low apparent density, and barely able to flow freely. To obtain aromatic amine fiber reinforced plastic effective ways to make the use of long fiber blend manufacturing methods.

aromatic amine fiber enhancement effect in thermoplastics is low. But in the plastic parts rub against each other to produce, aromatic amine fiber reinforced has great advantages. Used in the components of aromatic amine fiber than using other fiber or enhanced polymer produced by low wear and tear. Even carbon fibre and PTFE mixed two components as no separate use of aromatic amine fiber as effective in reducing wear and tear.

is short fibrous monocrystal inorganic whisker reinforced material. It's completely crystal, single crystal cell structure and is close to the theoretical strength of high strength single crystal structure of the new materials, is one of the short fiber. Crystals are all finished crystal, the structure of the single crystal cell short fibrous inorganic material, have different cross-sectional geometry. When the cross-sectional shape of the crystal change, its length to diameter ratio also increased slightly.

the performance of the whisker.
1。 Mechanical properties. High mechanical strength. As a small single crystal whisker, the internal structure is very full, very tough and not brittle nature, its tensile strength is 5 - glass fiber Ten times than boron fiber has better toughness. Elasticity of whisker can bear larger strain without permanent deformation. The high temperature of whisker strength loss is very small. Whisker have considerable length to diameter ratio. Cross-sectional and whisker have a hexagon, square, triangle, or inclined thin band, different from the glass fiber and boron fiber has a circular cross section, which makes the same cross-sectional area of the weekly crystal need longer, increasing the length to diameter ratio, can satisfy the requirement of reinforced plastics of length to diameter ratio. Whisker had no obvious fatigue characteristics, even if be ground into powder, and cut off or through other operations, the strength also against losses.

2。 Using reinforced composite recycling performance is good. Whisker surface treatment of a simple method is to remove the whisker surface adsorption of gas and water, and in the purification of whisker surface with dilute resin or humid coupling agent and coating. Whisker is the only can withstand the greater than 3% of the strain does not produce permanent deformation of the material. Whisker when temperature increases, less strength loss.

3。 With microscopic enhancement and filling ability. Whisker size in micron and nanometer level, do not affect composites forming liquidity, nearly no filler in the resin. Whisker can be distributed more evenly in the matrix, the extremely thin, extremely narrow corner part have been enhanced or even filled in.

4。 Excellent surface smoothness and high dimensional accuracy and stability. Whisker reinforced engineering plastic parts and molding shrinkage ratio of reduced the expansion coefficient, has high dimensional precision and smooth surface is bright and clean.

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