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Auto plastic bumper

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Lining plastic molding process using the plasticized PVC, this material has a good liquidity, by heat melt, get the product and mould shape is similar. Compared with the vacuum forming process dashboard skin material, determined by the raw materials and the characteristics of injection molding processing technology, the coating forming skin material of internal stress, not easy craze, good dimensional stability, uniform thickness, skin texture clear, feel better, closer to natural leather.

molding process is the main forming method, bumper to bumper of modified PP, engineering plastics alloy as the raw material basically is the process used. Injection molding process has the advantage of forming shape more complex products, through the design of the stiffener can improve the rigidity of parts, but the liquidity of the materials have certain requirements. Improvements on injection molding process is adopted the gas-assisted injection molding technology in recent years, the bumper of the panel wall thickness can be reduced to 2. 8 mm, weight than it used to be the common injection molding process, composed of multiple parts that constitute the front and rear bumpers reduce 37% and 24% respectively.

panel forming process is soft structure, skin materials and supporting frame to be included in the foam mould, adjust the mold temperature, and then injected foam mixture, foam, foam connect the skin and the skeleton formed the dashboard as a whole. Soft dashboard, skin material is the key to the dashboard surface quality, not only to meet the requirements of function, and appearance requirements. Skin material has two kinds of processing methods, namely technicians to vacuum forming process and forming process.

blow molding process is a newly developed a kind of plastic bumper molding technology. And injection molding process, in the selected raw materials, blow molding technology USES a high molecular weight of high melt strength of modified PP material, therefore had a higher impact toughness. The characteristics of the blow molding process can be made into hollow structure of the double wall, can make between two walls filled plastic foam, but the change is reflected in the bumper structure form, don't like injection molding of the bumper needs and can only be used when steel pieces together, but can and blow type of plastic racks used together, so can reduce the quality of the bumper and the processing cost.

with SMC of thermosetting plastics and random fiber or unidirectional fiber mat reinforced PP as raw material of the bumper, are all adopt the molding process, of course, there is a difference between the two in the process details. Moulding can produce complex shape parts and mould cost is relatively low. Roll forming more used to the forming liquid polyethylene material. An example of this process is based on LLDPE as raw material to shape a suv bumpers. Install the bumper in front of the car, to avoid a collision at the wild animals. It is said that the roll forming of the bumper is 50% lighter than metal bumper 70%, hit a retraction, around 200 mm after recover on its own.

bumper in pu as raw materials, is produced by reaction injection technology. Using this new process can simplify the forming process, a one-time direct processing injection molding bumper parts, adjust the polyurethane raw materials formula, can produce the crust soft foam products and microporous elastomer. Using microporous PU elastomers produced a new type of suspension structure of bumper, microporous elastomer hardness is low, only about shaw A40, high compression rate, can absorb the impact of the 80% performance by deformation, the rest of the impact energy can be transferred to the end frame. The bumper has many characteristics, such as lightweight, safe, smooth and sound.

the dashboard is fixed in front of the car window, place the feature of various kinds of special instrument and control switch. Soft, the structure of the dashboard by skin material, buffer and skeleton of three parts, including skin materials constitute the dashboard layer, buffer materials commonly used half rigid PU foam, opening rate more than 90%, recovery after deformation speed slower, compression permanent deformation < 25%. When the dashboard impact it can have the effect of absorb the impact energy. The skeleton for the support of the dashboard, usually for metal materials, but now more and more use of plastic parts, materials have enhanced PP, ABS, enhanced modified PPO, etc.

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