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Auto plastic design materials

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Auto parts used on the engineering plastics has three types, namely the modified enhancement, glass fiber mineral reinforced and engineering plastics alloy materials. Polymer alloy is composed of two or more than two kinds of polymer with each other and become a new type of injection molding processing of polymer materials, has obvious two phase structure, not only can adapt to the car to the diversification of material and high performance requirements, but also the cost of materials can be obtained with the best performance.

materials usually used in rigid structure. According to the component parts and function requirements, the use of the material performance requirements vary. Auto parts used good impact strength at low temperature, especially the notched impact strength, this is auto parts of materials used in the most basic requirements. Car inner decoration to guarantee the safety of the crew, even under 0 ℃ temperature under the condition of accident, also can't crack into a sharp fragments, but merely to produce elastic deformation, with less damage to a minimum.

the domestic automobile industry has developed a special PP modified material, there are more than 10 brands brand, meets the need of some car accessories inside and outside. Used as rigid parts of polyolefin elastomer, through mixing mineral, glass packing and all kinds of rubber, has good impact toughness, and high rigidity. Thermal expansion coefficient can reduce 50% 75%, gloss, abrasion resistance, also has the very big enhancement. Nanoscale composites can develop other application components, include bumper cover, instrument panel, the radiator grille, engine case, etc. , in the next 20 years, nanoscale composites will lead to a lot of auto parts replacement of materials.

outside of automobile fittings, such as bumper, strong toughness, crack resistance, low temperature resistance and fatigue resistance is very important. Bumper is under strong impact, with the necessary energy absorption ability, avoid material lost due to brittle fracture. For body outer panel, in - 40 - + 60 ℃ temperature range, the notched impact strength to keep over 20 j/m. Auto parts with plastic instead of metal, it must increase the rigidity of plastic elemental plastic is much less rigid than the metal material, even if the engineering plastics.

improve plastic rigid way, one is to use fiber reinforced modified, the second is to two or more than two kinds of engineering plastics, through the special alloy technology to achieve the goal of improve the rigidity and strength. Tolerated 140 - online coating process requirements Baking temperature of 160 ℃ and not deformation, some engineering plastics, high temperature resistance due to cost reasons, isn't it an ideal choice for car body parts large area, through material modification and alloy technology, can make some auto fittings material, meet online coating process the required working temperature, and on cost can accept.

the height of the car is a typical combination of industrial products, a vehicle for about more than ten thousand parts, involving more than 10 categories, more than 4200 kinds of materials. Plastic high mineralization degree of the car, about 800 - plastic parts 1000, total quality in 120 kg, plastic variety as much as 20 - to use 30 kinds, each species have developed many car special grade. Auto injection according to the function of the parts processing, probably can be divided into external fittings, interior parts and three types of functional components.

modified PP is focus on the development of domestic car industry plastic varieties, and its current usage can be accounted for more than 40% of the domestic automotive plastics. He is the feature of light quality, low cost, good corrosion resistance. By filling, enhancement, blending, alloy general plastics engineering measures, such as the heat resistance, low temperature resistance, impact resistance, strength and rigidity, has greatly improved the aging resistance. Especially the PP nanocomposites has great application value.

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