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Change frictional plastic additives

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Change the plastic wear resistance and frictional two modified at any time, but is closely linked. In change of wear resistance at the same time, may also increase the grinding, and at the same time in the change of frictional, could improve the wear resistance. Therefore, two kinds of modified often simultaneously. Modified frictional plastic additives which can decrease the friction factor is added in the resin material, so as to improve the performance of the friction. Liquid lubricants to improve the grinding is given priority to, also can improve the wear resistance appropriately. Solid lubricant is given priority to with change of grinding, also can obviously improve the grinding.

plastic additives change wearability is joined in the resin abrasion resistance material and one way to improve the wear resistance. Add at the same time in the change of wear resistance, friction factor modification effect of uncertainty, which sometimes makes friction factor drops, and sometimes makes friction factor increases.

plastic blending change the frictional and wear resistance of resin can be improved by mixed with some in frictional and wear resistance of the other one or several kinds of resin, and then the method to improve the frictional and wear resistance. Proper chemical treatment on the surface of a plastic injection products processing, to change its chemical composition and structure, can be appropriately to improve the frictional and wear resistance of plastic materials.

brittle temperature, plastic resistance to low temperature is an important performance index. Plastic rigidity along with the decline of environment temperature gradually raised, when reaches a certain temperature, by rigid transformation for the brittle materials, which is brittle temperature testing principle. Brittle temperature is defined as: the sample installed on the provisions of the fixture, the cantilever way under constant temperature, low temperature medium when the sample reaches a certain reservation after low temperature, use at the speed of provisions stipulated by the punch hit the sample, when sample destruction rate of 50% when the temperature is the temperature embrittlement.

the thermal deformation temperature makes one of the main indicators of plastic heat resistance good or bad, is also a kind of commonly used very important indicators. Affect the thermal performance of a plastic processing products used primarily for heat resistant temperature and low temperature resistant temperature. Heat resistant temperature mainly available thermal deformation temperature, softening point, said Martin heat resistance temperature and micro card commonly available brittle temperature and low temperature resistant temperature.

the thermal deformation temperature is said to a rectangular sample with size requirement, on the support span is 100 mm, and the two stents midpoint, applied load, will be subject to charge sample immersed in the thermal conductivity of liquid medium, with 120 ℃ / h speed, when the sample point meet the prescribed standards for corresponding deformation, read the corresponding temperature is the heat distortion temperature. Because there are two kinds of load, generally in the thermal deformation temperature load for which one has to be marked. But usually used by large load, so not marked load, is the heavy load. Generally only the thermal deformation temperature is very low, are not much higher than the normal temperature, to choose the small load.

Martin heat resistance temperature is also a measure of injection molding products processing is an important indicator of heat resistance. Martin heat resistance temperature is defined as: sample in under the action of bending moment, bending deformation in a certain constant temperature environment, when reaches the deformation temperature.

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