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Change the other performance of plastic

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Other performance of plastics in different applications, the performance requirements are also different. Dielectric strength is a measure of plastic index of resistance to voltage quality, he said, referring to the plastic insulation performance of the insulators with the voltage rise and falling, when the voltage rise to a certain value, reduced to insulator can be local conductive insulation, said that the plastic insulation is breakdown at this time. Plastic dielectric strength influenced by temperature, the higher the temperature, the lower the dielectric strength. Plastics dielectric strength improved mainly by increasing the insulation.

add plastic dielectric strength of the improvement method for high insulation packing is added in the resin. Cross-linked polymer modification, and its dielectric strength can be improved about 50%, arc resistance increased also. A two-way stretch plastic film processing, can be appropriately increase the dielectric strength. For TV and the fax machine system overall high density, electrical energy loss cannot be ignored, thus have to reduce the material dielectric constant, in order to achieve the dielectric loss is reduced. Crosslinking can make the polar group in polymer by bound activity is difficult, thus reducing its dielectric constant. Plastic film after two-way stretch, molecular tidy and closely arranged, increase molecular inter-atomic forces, reduces the activity of polar group, so that the dielectric constant decreased.

as a electric switch and application of injection molding products processing, often by flame arc erosion, and its excellent arc resistance. Arc resistance is defined as the prescribed experimental conditions, the plastic insulation resistance along the surface of arcing ability.

different plastic combustion performance, its oxygen index also vary. A plastic oxygen index is smaller, the concentration of oxygen required to its continued burning is small, it shows its good combustibility, even when little oxygen can continue to burn, conversely, the greater the oxygen index, oxygen concentration required to maintain sustained combustion is larger, it shows that the combustibility is bad, only when oxygen concentration is larger, can continue to burn.

to find out the basic principle of plastic flame retardant, first of all to understand the combustion process of plastic. Plastic combustion process is an extremely complex thermal oxidation process, is the basic element of combustion in the heat, oxygen and combustible gas. Plastic flame retardant process is also a very complicated physical and chemical processes. At present although established some flame retardant mechanism, but still some controversy. The basic principle of plastic flame retardant interfere with oxidation, heat and combustible gas three to maintain the basic elements of combustion.

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