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Changshu da plastic products factory smoothly summarize common four big q of plastic injection mould

by:CSSSLD     2021-02-03
Plastic extrusion die has been used in many fields, together with professional extrusion mold making technology in recent years also had obvious development change, smooth da plastic products factory in changshu summarized below common four big problem of plastic injection mould.

contains a batch size of the plastic extrusion die, molding equipment, precision condition, dimensional stability and surface quality, shape, construction, etc.

first, multiple trials of bulk material extrusion mould processing and the number of hours, can choose wood or resin to produce. But if the test material plastic extrusion die is to get the products related to shrinkage, dimensional stability, and the data such as cycle time, mostly using single cavity mold to experiment, and can ensure that can operate under normal conditions. Die usually plaster, copper, aluminum or aluminum Steel alloy, rarely use aluminum resin.

2, building some shapes, often thinking dimension stability and appearance quality. Such as plastic products design and dimension stability needs choose die cavity ( Die) , but the products of the high gloss appearance demand demand using the male mold ( Punch) So that procurement plastic parts will be considering these two points, so that products can be in the best conditions for processing, processing conditions and do not conform to the practice of construction often must fail.

the third, dimension stability, extrusion die is molding process, touch and mould surface than some out of the mould dimension stability is very good. If it is because of the hardness of materials in the future demand changes to the material thickness, can convert male mold to female die. Plastic pieces of the size tolerance of not less than 10% of the shrinkage rate.

4, shrinkage and deformation, plastic shrinkage easily ( Such as PE) , some plastic easy change form, no matter how cautious in, plastic deformation happens during cooling, want to change the molding compound extrusion die shape to custom molded parts a little error. For example: although plastic wall stick to straight, but has violated its benchmark center 10 mm; To push up the mold base, use to adjust the shrinkage deformation.
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