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Changshu mould processing: plastic mold injection molding processing technology of classification, do you understand

by:CSSSLD     2021-02-03
Most products businesses before looking for mould suppliers, rarely to understand of mold industry, except, of course, a professional mold, mostly on the structure of the injection mould of plastic processing and classification is not quite understand, after injection mold manufacturer below small make up to arrange, hope that through this article to let everyone know more about plastic injection mould factory work, to facilitate and develop our good products.

hot runner system, also known as the hot runner system, mainly composed of hot runner, hot water but, temperature control box. Our common hot runner system there is a single point of hot runner and hot runner 2 more forms. Single point gate is to use a single hot runner of the molten plastic into the cavity directly, it is a single cavity plastic mold of the single gate, multipoint hot runner by hot water but the molten material branch to various points in the hot runner set into the cavity, it is suitable for single cavity more into the material or multi-cavity mold.

1. Hot runner mould: this kind of mold is approximately the same structure and fine shuikou, the biggest difference is that the flow is in one or more have temperature and heat flow but heat pumping mouth, no cold feeding demoulding, runner and gate directly on the product, so port don't need mold release, also known as no runner system, this system can save raw materials, applicable to the raw material is more expensive, high requirement of products, injection mold design and processing difficulties manufacturers, the mold cost is higher.

2. Gate mould, the runner and gate on the parting line, together with the product in the mould stripping, the simplest design, easy processing, low cost, so more people using gate system operation.

3. Fine runner mould: the runner and gate not parting line, generally directly on the product, so to design a set of shuikou parting line, design is relatively complex, processing more difficult, often depending on the product requirements to choose fine nozzle system.
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