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Changshu smoothly da plastic products factory talk about nine former formula design of PVC plastic profile

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
PVC plastic material is made from PVC resin after adding various functional additives, after high temperature extrusion molding industry and articles for daily use the PVC plastic material products. PVC plastic material according to the performance can be divided into two kinds of hard and soft. Hard PVC plastic material used in construction aspect. Such as PVC doors and Windows, PVC flooring, PVC plastic pipe material, etc. ; Soft PVC plastic material used in PVC hose, power transmission cable, etc. Changshu well below da plastic products factory talk about nine principles of formula design of PVC plastic profile.

1, should choose the PVC resin SG5 resin, polymerization degree - in 1000 1200 PVC resin.

2, must join the thermal stability of system. Choose according to actual production requirement, must pay attention to the synergies between heat stabilizer and combat effect.

3, must join the impact modifier. Can choose CPE and ACR impact modifier. According to other components in formulation and extruder plasticizing capacity, addition amount in 8 & ndash; 12 a. Source of CPE price is low, also more widely; ACR aging resistant ability, high Angle of welding strength.

4, right amount add lubrication system. Lubrication system can reduce the processing and mechanical load, make products to be smooth, but too much can cause the loss of Angle of welding strength.

5, join processing modifier can improve the quality of plasticizing, improve the look of the products. Join JL - commonly 1 - M01 modifier, add the quantity 2 copies.

6, adding filler can reduce cost, increase the profile of the rigid but influence on low temperature impact strength is larger, should choose high fineness of light calcium carbonate modified with people, to join in 10 - 25.

7, must add a certain amount of titanium white to have the effect of shielding ultraviolet (uv) light. The amount of titanium dioxide rutile type should be chosen when in 4 - 6 copies. Can add UV absorber UV - when necessary 531, UV327 etc to increase the profile of ageing resistance ability.

8, right amount to join the group of green with fluorescent whitening agent, can significantly improve the colour and lustre of PVC plastic profile.

9, should be simplified as far as possible in the design formula, as far as possible not to join the liquid fertilizer, and according to the mixing process require partial packing separately according to the loading sequence.
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