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Changshu smoothly da plastic products factory talk about the plastic extruding machine machine barrel to choose material

by:CSSSLD     2021-02-03
In plastics extrusion molding equipment, plastic extrusion machine is usually referred to as the host, and subsequent equipment with matching plastic extrusion molding machine is referred to as the auxiliary. Plastic extruder after 100 years of development, has been developed from the original single screw derived double screw, screw, even without the screw, and other models. Changshu well below da plastic products factory talk about the plastic extruding machine machine barrel to choose material.

plastic extruding machine machine barrel is usually made of metal material, mainly has 38 crmoala ( JISSACM645) , CW6Mo5Cr4V2, 9 cr18mov etc. , and through heat treatment, using nitriding processing, plating hard chromium layer, high frequency quenching, double metal coating corrosion resistance, wear-resisting layer, vacuum quenching methods such as processing.

plastic extruding machine machine cylinder in the process of manufacturing products, by high temperature, high pressure, at the same time by mechanical scraping the ground, Especially when production glass fiber filling material) , some plastics and chemical corrosion effect; The working temperature of barrel and sometimes 400 & deg; High temperature and 29 C. 4 - 49 mpa pressure, even as high as 68. 65 - 78. 45MPa。 Barrel work under these conditions, for the sake of their mechanical properties is required.

the inner surface of the plastic extrusion machine machine barrel by grinding. Mounting machine clearance between Jane, rang the work performance of the machine. For some corrosive strong plastic, such as the vinylidene chloride, there are a lot of processing time tube corrosion effect. Processing plastics containing the packing, the wear and tear machine Jane is more serious. Especially in processing glass fiber reinforced polyamide 66 ( Nylon 66) , its wear is very serious.
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