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Common plastic material containing PEPPS plastic injection molding factory with thermosetting plastic

by:CSSSLD     2021-02-03
Manufacturer of injection molding processing is how to maintain abrasive

everybody understand for injection molding processing factories, plastic tooling is the mother of industrial production, plastic mould again when they choose to match the mold can meet the requirements of raw materials. On the basis of the actual commodity raw materials selection of matching plastic mould, such as surface rules raw material in the mold. Choose good plastic mould materials in detail what are injection mold material, is have a good pair of plastic mold of the genetic, plastic mould in mass production is also a factor in the quality of product plastic mold maintenance. Injection molding processing manufacturers how to carry out maintenance of grinding tool, it can have what key? First, plastic mould making a maintenance must be detailed, like cars, plastic injection mold maintenance must have a resume. A detailed account of the customer name, commodity raw materials, surface, medical conditions (plastic moulds RunHua, cleaning and antirust processing) And damage state conversion components, can do seamless splicing work handover, in case after changing a person liable or different responsibilities to carry out artificial human interpersonal service, is inevitable to ignore. Second, several key parts in plastic mould top track inspection: the effect of mould thimble, leading column is the guarantee of mold opening and closing fitness and plastic ejection, in which if all stuck due to damage location, a bear goods card die grinding tool clamping, again the destruction for grinding tool is more bigger. Reason should often maintain mould thimble, dowel RunHua ( To adopt the most appropriate lubricant) And regular maintenance mould thimble, positioning pin is such as to produce deformation and surface damage, once found, will immediately conversion; Finish; Manufacturing time accompanied, refrigeration and easy accumulation of dirt, rust, sludge and algae, refrigeration flow cross-section was reduced, refrigeration smaller secure channel, reduce the rate of cryogenic fluid and abrasive in the middle of the heat exchanger, enhance the company's products cost, so we should pay attention to remove heat on passage; For extrusion dies, heating and automatic control system maintenance is beneficial to avoid manufacturing production of common failures, so vital, so according to the first point on record, the text in interpersonal communication is the key for maintenance personnel using response. Second, the surface layer of plastic moulds to develop antirust processing solution, the most common is rust inhibitor, so sometimes in the injection molding processing factory there can see abrasive containing tonal oh. This is because the plastic mold surface dry technology professional antirust processing solution. On it at the end of the injection molding processing, mold need to begin immediately after the grinding tool maintenance way, and is the most common injection molding processing factory, if it immediate harm to the commodity surface can do the rules of the customer. Comprehensive above three points, not only to the injection molding processing manufacturers of plastic mould maintenance of lining, also must have respect for grinding tool to carry out maintenance. In a genetic good condition, and then add effective maintenance, application can make injection molding processing manufacturers of plastic mold manufacturing injection products accord with the customer rules, and clamping bei can do customer provision. Reduce plastic mould maintenance cost. Pick a good injection molding processing factory is critical, ningbo oz bell do uphold the professional business technology professional standards, according to ten years working experience in plastic injection processing manufacturing industry and industrial clusters specifically engineering drawings, what if the customer from plastic mould to the injection factory to injection molding products, metal surface treatment you can consider. To maximize customer high efficiency. Are the overall goals of injection molding processing factories.

plastic injection processing plant common what
plastic injection molding processing raw materials processing plant common injection molding processing of raw materials and appropriate use of plastic material containing PEPPPS plastic injection tooling have thermosetting plastics, the appropriate thermal injection molding processing and application. PE raw materials: PE is also called high pressure polyethylene, is more common in the life of one of the fiber material, many to manufacturing packaging bags, plastic film, milk barrels of goods. PP raw material: polypropylene, polypropylene grain size, structure, thus has excellent physical properties. Polypropylene absolute value is higher than the physical properties of the high pressure polyethylene, but still in the plastic material belongs to lower species, its tensile strength can be done in only 30 mpa or slightly higher level. Isotactic index value a lot of polypropylene with high tensile strength, but along with the isotactic index value has increased, the impact compressive strength of raw materials to reduce to a certain extent, but has not reduced to a certain value shift. PS raw materials: PS is polyethylene. Above raw materials are all common injection molding processing of raw materials.
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