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Common Raw Material Property.

Common Raw Material Property.


1. PVC, fire-resistant, UV resistant, widely used on construction, agriculture, hard and strong enough. Also cheap and cost-effective. Can replace Aluminum for cost saving.

There’s hard PVC and soft PVC, and hard and soft can be co-extrusion together.

2. ABS, it is a rigid versatile high impact plastic, environment protection. Can be electroplated, plating, can both be extruded and injected. Steady production, and widely used automotive hardware, appliances cases, plated items, and so on. 

3. PP (Polypropylene) , tough thermoplastic material with good resistance to chemical environments, Can withstand high temperature. Food and health safe grade. can both be extruded and injected

4. PC (Polycarbonate). It is a high clear engineering thermoplastic, which has and excellent balance of toughness, clarity, and high heat deflection temperature, Max 120 Centigrade degree.

This material is widely used as light cover, screen cover, with high transparent and high light diffuser property, also it’s very strong impacted. Can both be extruded and injected

5. PE (Polyethylene). It can be supplied in high or medium or low density depending on application. Tough with good resistant to chemicals and low temperatures. Can both be extruded and injected.

Also there’s a special high wear-resistant PE material which is UHMWPE, widely used as sliding rail. 

6. POM. It is a high abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction material, with property of high heat resistance, good electrical and dielectric and low water absorption. Widely used as gear and electrical accessories.  

7. Nylon (PA6 /PA66 /PA12). This material is extremely tough and impact resistant along with exhibiting, good abrasion resistance and high heat resistance. Widely used as gear, nut, screw and electrical accessories.

8. Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE / TPU/ TPV/ TPEE). Soft materials, can be extruded, injected and co-extruded with hard plastic materials, with property of Excellent wear resistance, chemical resistance, hydrolysis resistance, high temperature resistance and mold resistance.

With more than 22 years experiences, we are familiar with kinds of plastic materials, can give you professional suggestion for material choosing, and can analyze which kind of material by actual samples! 

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