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Commonly used polyurethane elastomer

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
The thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer with no chemical crosslinking between macromolecules, formed under the low temperature physical crosslinking, high temperature physical crosslinking was damaged and the present state of melt flow; Affections between thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer molecule contains a small amount of formic acid esterification crosslinking keys, these bonds on the thermodynamic is unstable, will fracture at 150 ℃ or more processing temperatures, injection molding processing molding again formed after cooling, thus constitutes the thermoplastic polyurethane. But the existence of a small amount of chemical cross-linking bond to improve products play an important role on the compression permanent deformation.

one-step production cost is low, the production equipment requirements is not high, but more difficult to control reaction, the CPU irregular structure, mechanical performance is relatively low, the dimer method commonly used in the manufacture of low hardness, low modulus products, such as printing rubber roller, small industrial solid tires, etc. The pre polymers method can overcome the shortcomings of one-step method, has now become the main production methods of CPU. The dimer method is to type polyether glycol and diisocyanate to dimer of the performed reaction, again by pre polymers and chain extender reaction preparation of CPU. The method is easy to control, of molecular chain arrangement neat, CPU performance is good.

RIM of UE can produce in a operation of cortex and low density solid core special sandwich structure, referred to as the structural foam plastic. Compared with other plastic foam, UE structure foam smooth surface, high hardness, high impact strength and thermal deformation temperature, thus a large number of employed in the automotive industry, such as bumper lace, the molding parts of the body, structure, and require rigid larger protection board, floor and door and so on. Hood non-automotive applications include snow vehicles, electronic equipment, furniture, container, box board and sports equipment, etc.

many CPU products processing molding method, commonly used have manual intermittent method and mechanical method, can according to the shape of the products, quality requirements and processing cost. Most of the CPU products used in mining, metallurgical industry. CPU rubber roller commonly used in steel or iron casting layer outside the CPU, and can withstand the high load, good wear resistance, application of the steel, mining, paper making, textiles and various transmission devices. CPU is applied to the runway and floor material with good weatherability and waterproof, easy to maintain, and good safety. Micro groove CPU is mainly used in shoes, wakeboarding. The CPU can also be used for filling and sealing materials and repair material, etc.

UE reaction injection molding principle and casting of the same, compared with the ordinary pouring shape with a high degree of automation, high efficiency, energy saving, good product quality advantages, it is mainly used for forming microporous UE, also can produce solid products. Production of raw materials including polyether polyols, isocyanate and foaming agent and release agent, etc. Molding in general will be a variety of raw materials into different part type by the metering pump accurate measurement of material liquid mixing head, quickly after screw mixing injection mould, polymer material in the mold of reaction.

type casting polyurethane elastomer for viscous liquid before processing molding, so is called liquid rubber. It is through the pouring process, by pouring liquid resin and molding and production of polyurethane elastomer, also known as pouring glue. In polyurethane elastomer products, the largest output. The CPU and pre polymers are mainly in the production of one-step method. One-step synthesis of CPU is put together glycol, diisocyanate and chain extender, kam mix after pouring into the mould under a certain temperature curing method.

in reaction injection molding glass fiber as reinforced reaction injection molding, using the law to make UE of the injection molding processing plant performance at or near its aluminum and low carbon steel, the relative density is only 4/9 of the mild steel and aluminum, 3/20. The products most used for car bumper, instead of the metal in order to reduce the weight of the car. Thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer is usually composed of polyether or polyester polyol and low relative molecular mass glycol chain extender reaction of block copolymer. In the characteristics of the structure the thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer and thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer.

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