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Compressed air forming dies

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
When the structure of plastic parts and materials to meet the requirements of the molding process, it need to consider the position of parting surface injection molding processing parts, determine the monotype modes or cavity die to produce more, consider what kind of runner system, preliminary determine the structure of the mould, so you can provide the basis for subsequent design calculation. Mold used to take out the plastic parts and pouring system setting separable contact surface is called the parting surface.

compressed air molding plastic parts cycle short, usually 3 times faster than vacuum forming, with the heating plate directly contact with the plastic sheet heating, heating effect is good, need the heating time is short, so can the heater as a part of the mold design. Can put trimming device in the mold and in the process of forming resection edge, but complex punch compressed air molding trimming device installation is not easy. Using compressed air molding plastic parts than plastic vacuum forming a high dimensional accuracy, small part of the structure of the good reproducibility, luster, good transparency, but the high cost of forming the device of compressed air.

accept design task, on the product parts working drawing should indicate the varieties of the plastic used, batch size, dimensional accuracy and technical conditions, product function and working conditions. Audit plastic molding technology, discuss the wall thickness, floor, rounded corners, surface roughness, dimensional accuracy, surface modification, the feasibility of the draft and insert placement. If the product structure design of the forming technology, with designers to question, under the premise that does not affect the performance of the product, by the designer to modify product structure, in order to meet the needs of the injection molding process.

compressed air molding can also be divided into the die and punch forming two kinds big. Punch molding cost sheet and not easy to install more trimming device, therefore relatively use less, so, forming the main compressed air is made of die forming. Compressed air molding plastic parts design and plastic vacuum forming parts design. Plastic parts should be noticed in the design, the wall thickness shoulds not be too big, because the plastic parts wall thickness increases, the greater the thickness of the plastic sheet, the greater the need of the molding pressure, for pressure equipment cost will also increase. Usually the thickness of the plastic sheet does not exceed 8 mm, generally in 1 - 5 mm range to choose.

compressed air molding mold and vacuum forming the main difference is that: compressed air type increases the blade forming in the mold, plastic molding can turn off the excess material on the mold after the heating plate is part of the mould, can contact with plastic sheet heating, heating effect is good, the heating time is short. Using punch compressing air molding belt covers eccentric clamping mechanism, suitable for complicated cavity depth larger plastic parts. After heated billet, remove the heater, punch down, lock mould, compressed air is piped in, make blank against the punch surface molding for plastic parts. After being molded parts after heating, open mold, plastic pieces, pruning excess stock in the end.

compression molding is by means of compressed air pressure, air will be heated to soften the plastic sheet after pressure into the mold cavity and laminating method for forming on the surface. In general, the molding pressure of 0. 3 - 0. 8 mpa, the biggest can reach 3 mpa. The higher the heating temperature of the plastic sheet, sheet thickness is smaller, the molding pressure, the lower the complex structure of the pressure of the injection molding processing parts need than flat fuwa necessary pressure.

general mold design task is to mould structure form, and the preliminary determination of injection molding machine, gating system and the gate location, in the form of choice, the design of molding parts, launched demoulding mechanism design, side parting and core-pulling mechanism design, the design of clamping guide mechanism, the design of the temperature control system, parts design, assembly design for each part of the preparation.

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