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Compression molding oriented institutions

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
The push rod to close to the core, with surface should be as large as possible; Launch force should be evenly distributed in the plastic parts can force larger parts. Select launch device due to pay attention to the injection molding product appearance and installation base, such as push rod set in plastic parts installed base, the general push rod length is not lower than the base surface, but should be into the plastic pieces of 0. About 1 mm. With institutions including the push rod to launch institutions, ejector sleeve launch institutions, ejecting board organization form. Launch institutions under the mold parts, for mould plastics stranded after next.

in addition to the overflow type of compression molding guide guide pin to complete alone, half overflow and not excessive compression mould punch with the feed chamber section can also plays a role of guidance and positioning, section design on general loading chamber has 10 mm of conical part is called the guide ring, as a result, half overflow and not excessive compression modulus than the overflow type compression modulus have better to neutral. Suppress the shell plastic parts with big hole, to improve the quality of suppression can install guide pin in the hole, the width of the guide pin set aside extrude edges around.

unload die set push rod length need to be calculated according to the needs of the mold cavity, the same parting surface or push the top surface of push rod height must be equal, so as to avoid damage due to launch skewed mould or plastic parts. The discharge die set mobile compression modulus must be installed on the handle, so that the operator in the process of unloading modulus move and turn over high temperature mold. Design fixed compression mold demoulding mechanism, should according to the plastic parts structure, size, mould size, using the appropriate structure, to ensure that during launch does not produce plastic deformation.

the guide pin part without molding pressure, the force required to suppress the total molding than do not set the central guide pillar lower some, the burrs around the hole is thin. The central guide pillar in mould, the head should be higher than 5 - feeding chamber 8mm。 Due to compression molding operation at high temperatures, so don't usually are lubricated with add oil groove guide pin. Demoulding mechanism is the plastic parts from the die or punch in the launch of the specialized agencies. When the design should be selected according to the shape of the plastic parts and different demoulding mechanism of the press design.

mobile compression modulus is not connected to the press fixed, will work backwards out of the plastic compression molding press space, use discharge die set for plastic parts will be open and out to die. Place the compression modulus on them later, using artificial hit open mold order, then by hand or simple tool to remove parts from the mold, behind a kind of discharge mode in order to distinguish, this kind of unloading die set can also be called the impact.

the same as the injection molding processing mode, is the most commonly used guide part on the upper die set guide pillar, the die set guide pin hole. Guide pin hole is generally divided into with the guide sleeve and without guide bush. For mobile compression modulus, generally don't need a guide sleeve, guide post directly cooperate with in the template guide pin hole, for fixed compression mold, precision demand is high, need to design guide sleeve, and guide pin in the mold of the fixing hole and guide bush outside diameter size is the same, two holes can be processed at the same time, in order to make sure the alignment.

unload die set need to remove the compression molding press working space, the compression mold and die set being loaded together again to move into the press working space, and then use press pressure on discharge from mould open and will be the role of the die set out to plastic parts. Using the impact outside the press to open mold and out plastic parts, the intensity of labor is big, it is easy to make the mould deformation and wear and impact force, therefore applies only to a small plastic forming parts of compression molding; Discharge die set on the pressure when you start the mold and out in a, mould movement is more stable, mould is not easy to deformation and wear, but the production efficiency is low.

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