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Electromagnetic shielding

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Home appliances, information products adopts the design of the materials, in addition to the requirements to meet the basic requirements of electric equipment to work normally, but also to the injection molding processing products processing performance, can be decorative and economic costs. Most shell materials and electrical components is given priority to with injection molding, products to meet the requirements of miniaturization, thin walled, refinement, and beautiful modelling design, all need materials with good liquidity.

although appliances with plastic flame retardant is generally poor, and the combustion will produce a lot of black smoke and toxic gases, but by adding a certain amount of flame retardant, is can meet the requirements of a certain amount of flame retardant, not only can be flame retardant, but also can control the smoke density, decomposition of the product has no obvious toxicity. For plastic parts in the UL standard, provisions must be used UL94 burning test qualified products.

the application of antibacterial plastics in home appliance, first started in Japan, the first to be developed with self-cleaning function of antibacterial household appliances is a refrigerator, the original is interior parts, and then develop to the exterior trim. In the refrigerator, which has the function of antibacterial tableware washing machine, drying machine, rice cooker, fan and other home appliances and development. The popularity of antibacterial electrical products is home appliance product research and development of a general trend.

electrical and electronic products are electromagnetic interference problem, as a result of these electronic products internal use a lot of integrated circuit components, such as when in working state, made by high frequency pulse can electromagnetic interference on the formation near other electronic products. And electronic product itself, as a result of electronic miniaturization, digitalization and highly intensive, the sensitivity is higher and higher, also near are highly susceptible to electromagnetic interference from other electronic product, and appear misoperation or information transmission failure. In addition, the electromagnetic waves also have a harm to human body.

requirements can block the external launch to electromagnetic waves from entering the product, also can prevent internal emission of electromagnetic interference with other working electronic products, the only way is to electrical and electronic product for electromagnetic shielding. Realization of electromagnetic shielding, mainly adopts electromagnetic shielding materials, effective shielding is refers to the use of shielding materials, some plastic parts as the shell material of electronic equipment, must use the conductive polymer materials.

have higher request for heat temperature, should use of engineering plastic, or glass fiber reinforced plastic. Such as base material, the use of 30% glass fiber reinforced PBT, can work under the temperature of 245 ℃ for 168 h. Under the environment of water vapor or injection processing appliances working under high temperature and wet environment, the use of material also asks to have a certain resistance to hydrolysis. Electrical appliances shell, especially the direct contact with voltage or current of electrical components, in accordance with the provisions, must meet the requirements of flame retardant.

in the design of mobile phones, laptops, the type of electronic products such as cardiac pacemaker, electromagnetic shielding materials is a can't ignore the problem. Antibacterial sex refers to the commonly used polymer materials, add one or several specific antibacterial ingredients, antiseptic sterilization ability of a material. Development and application of antibacterial materials with antivirus sterilization ability, to reduce the spreading germs, safeguard people's health and improve the quality of human life, has the extremely significant significance.

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