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Engineering plastics

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Electrical and electronic industry, injection molding processing the largest use of nylon is used as a connector, also used in the production of transformer skeleton, switch, crisper household appliances parts and all kinds of electric tools such as housing. The heat resistant grades are active application in electrical industry. New varieties of high temperature resistant nylon is PA9T, designated for some electrical and electronic products, such as small card connector, mobile phone shell with high welding strength connectors and board with board between connectors. And a new material of PA46, can greatly reduce the operation of the appliance. Use PA46 as the driving part can make home appliances is reduced 25% 30% of the noise.

PP in heat resistance has the advantage of making PP material in the kitchen appliances, small appliances shell applications showed the trend of rapid growth. Some heat resistant varieties have instead of ABS, PC and PA engineering plastics, used in home appliance product such as coffee maker, rice cooker. Electrical engineering plastics on the market, both the general engineering plastics, such as PA, PC, PPO, also including some special engineering plastics, such as PPS, PSF, LCP, and so on.

PA is in addition to the PC, use the biggest engineering plastics in the electrical industry. PA texture tenacity, good abrasion resistance, can withstand the electrical electrical a long-term work requirements, with good heat resistance and processability, the price also is moderate. Traditional nylon varieties are nylon 6 and nylon 66, nylon 66 strength and heat resistance, higher than that of nylon 6, so give priority to with nylon 66, and after filling enhancement and flame retardant modification of the grade.

price higher than the general plastics, engineering plastics, therefore it is mainly used for have high request for strength, heat resistance, and high application value. In electric market, engineering plastic dosage larger products, mainly low-voltage electrical appliances, connectors, energy-saving lamps, computer peripherals, heat resistant to demand higher small appliances and kitchen appliances, which is the fastest growing computer monitors, mobile phones, mobile phone charger, etc.

PC has high hardness, resistance to impact and heat resistance, and has a high transparency. In our PC consumption nearly 70% for the production of cd-rom products. Appliances for use on PC, besides need to keep high transparent part for lighting equipment, more than the rest in the form of PC/ABS alloy and enhance the PC used for various electrical components. PC/ABS alloy both PC resin excellent heat resistance, dimensional stability and impact, but also has ABS good processability, easy processing of thin-wall precision and high gloss products, enhance the PC, most of them adopt glass fibre reinforced, according to the need, you can add different fiber content 10%, 20% and 30%, respectively.

used for home appliances shell material of PP injection tooling mostly belong to the varieties of high performance, high modulus, high impact strength, high flow and high thermal stability of variety, they more of the flame retardant grade, many of them as compounds or alloy. Various levels of the modified PP, already has been applied in many electrical appliances product. These materials have excellent stiffness, toughness, prevent warping and glossiness, completely can be comparable to the ABS.

compared to ordinary PC, enhance the PC can be larger increase mechanical properties, dimensional stability and corrosion resistance to the environment. Enhance the PC can be used to make the shell wall thickness less than 1 mm thin wall parts, from a practical point of view, its good heat dissipation in the products made of ABS, the heat dispersion was homogeneous. Therefore, is suitable for the shell material, electric tools, electric appliance and business machines, laptops, computer equipment such as shell. In addition also has more application in terms of connectors. American GE company also introduced a copolymerization modification of new varieties, to produce a portable keyboard. Reflects the robustness and vogue.

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