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Engineering plastics with lubricant

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Used in engineering plastics have higher thermal stability of stearic acid ester. It has a high relative molecular mass of acid ester lignite, but provide lubrication of alkyl chain length is short, this leads to higher solubility, therefore the adverse influence on transparency is low. Sodium lignite in the plastic part of the crystal nucleation effect is good, have good demoulding effect at the same time, so lead to injection shorten the processing cycle. In polyamide, stearic acid metal salt and amide wax still have the advantage. In the level of glass fiber reinforced, lignite acid glycol ester can increase strength.

PTEF as PC, PA, POM, such as the lubricant, can reduce the friction coefficient of the PC, PA, POM, make its abrasion resistance was improved. Meanwhile PTEF can enhance the PC as a lubricant, not only improve enhance the abrasion resistance of PC, and its mechanical properties, dimensional stability, resistance to creep are improved.

in the reinforced polycarbonate, with stearic acid to achieve a similar effect. Stearic acid pentaerythritol ester is commonly used in transparent polycarbonate, which has more effective demoulding effect of lignite acid ester have higher request for technology of polycarbonate optical disc production more satisfied. In such applications, due to the high demand for impurity ion class related, should make it as far as possible low dosage. Oxidized polyethylene wax in polycarbonate also showed very good demoulding effect, partial esterification of sorbitol has effect to improve the color.

level of glass fiber reinforced, also use contain soap lignite acid ester, three glyceride lignite than migration resistance. Sodium lignite in addition to its nuclear work, in the PET film also shows a smooth and anti aging effect. In polyformaldehyde, besides amide wax, metallic soap for its combined with the effect of acid is mainly used as stabilizer, lubrication, the trend is to develop in the lignite acid calcium. For high transparent poly (methyl methacrylate, because montan wax will cause excessive soft, give priority to the stearic acid polyol. In thermoplastic polyurethane, amide wax has very good demoulding effect, but has a strong tendency of migration.

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