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Environmental factors of injection molding processing products

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Both natural environment and working environment, all the environmental factors in the form of different damage performance of injection molding products processing, and often is not a single factor, in many cases, are a variety of factors. The transportation vehicle, for example, to the role of the natural environment and working environment through a variety of factors, which affect the expected function and working life. Mechanical properties is reflect the deformation and damage of the material under the action of force behavior performance

pitch products too close to edge, the edge can produce stress due to shrinkage and cracking, and the distance between holes and hole too close, can also lead to cracking and deformation. Around the hole to increase wall thickness can improve the intensity of use of hole. The plastic insert materials are copper, steel, aluminum and other metal materials. Has bigger difference of metal and plastic shrinkage rate, smaller shrinkage rate of metal insert would prevent shrinkage of large plastic shrinkage, so that the plastic around the insert will be affected by large tensile stress, which may cause the cracking of materials, so the thickness of the plastic layer around the insert should be designed.

as for the working environment, owing to the different specific application object. As the plastic parts of the refrigerator, is working under low temperature, high humidity, static environment, make the parts easily in low temperature embrittlement. High humidity is easy to make the dimensional stability of variation and may cause mould. Industrial gear is subject to cyclic loading, relieve stress and friction heat and oil the role of environmental factors, such as cycle load is easy to produce fatigue damage parts, friction heat causes softening deformation parts.

plastic parts often design the internal and external screw thread. The strength of the plastic screw thread is very limited, generally 5 - smaller than strength of steel threads 10 times, if the thread shape design is not reasonable, will further reduce the intensity, such as sharp thread can lead to stress concentration. Similarly, in the beginning and ending section of the formation of thread are also should have a certain height without the steps of the thread. As to the design of screw thread hole position can be according to the position of the holes in the parts of the design rules.

plastic products are used in a certain environment, product performance is but a reflection of specific application conditions, therefore, the environment impact on the performance of the product can not be ignored. Because plastic products application field is very wide, environmental factors are very complicated, so different environment, different materials of products, the influence of its performance process and failure form is different also. Environmental factors can be divided into natural environment and working environment factors.

to strengthen the role of the main is to improve the strength and stiffness of the product, prevent warping and distortion, without any increase in wall thickness under the condition of improve bearing capacity of the product. Stiffener size, location, and number of design according to the different parts, such as improper design, is the existence of the stiffener may also cause undesirable quality problems. According to the requirements of the injection molding products processing using the designed shape, number and location of the hole to help product molding and to ensure that the use of the products have enough strength.

natural environmental factors including hot and cold climate, oxidation and radiation, rain erosion, sea water, moist air and industrial pollution gases, as well as the biological aging, sand abrasion, fire danger, etc. Visible, the damage to the goods from the natural environment in many aspects, including the mechanical aspects of the damage, destruction and the energy absorption of chemical substances to cause damage. The extent of the damage and destruction type and function of time.

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