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Epoxy resin

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Hard segment part as the dispersed phase, dispersed in continuous phase of soft segment, the temperature in the injection molding processing, hard segment part can be mixed dissociation and soft segment phase, while phase separation after cooling, play their role. This chemical or physical crosslinking reversibility is TPE performance between synthetic rubber and thermoplastic basic reasons. Thermoplastic elastomer usually have medium level of chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and toughness, enough good resilience and low compression permanent deformation. In general, has been able to satisfy the traditional vulcanized rubber can provide technical indicators.

chemical resistance is one of the best materials of thermosetting resins, especially good alkali resistance, increase of epoxy resin and solvent can withstand strong erosion of chlorobenzene. Mechanical performance is excellent, epoxy resin with glass fiber, carbon fiber, aramid fiber as reinforced material of epoxy resin composite material, is still the main polymer materials for advanced structural materials. Especially in the advanced epoxy resin composite material occupies very important position, its are accounted for about 80% of the ACM - 90%.

in synthetic materials, rubber is a typical elastomer material, but the biggest drawback of rubber can't be like thermoplastics recycled by hot melt after regeneration. Thermoplastic elastomer is a new type of material, his performance between synthetic rubber and thermoplastic plastics, namely at room temperature with a rubber elasticity, high temperature and machinability of thermoplastic plastics. Thermoplastic elastomer of typical structure, the polymer chain by with rubber flexible chain segment, and normal temperature constraint macromolecular resin segments of the movement.

in optimizing the performance of materials, mainly is to improve the toughness and heat resistance. The current development of new products, the use of temperature can reach 245 ℃. In toughening, successful use of polyether sulfone, polysulfone, polyether ether ketone, ultem such as high performance, high temperature resistant thermoplastic engineering plastics modified, can improve the toughness of don't reduce the heat resistance at the same time. Superior performance of epoxy resin, using range is great, except for coating, sealing and structural adhesive, extensive as composite materials used for the main load-carrying structure such as aviation, aerospace, and various civil structure.

airbus A320 wing adopt the standard design of the material is carbon fiber reinforced epoxy composites. The United States is a new generation of military aircraft its for the most part the body structure using carbon fiber and glass fiber reinforced epoxy composites, by aramid fiber reinforced epoxy resin could be used to the missile's engine. Glass fiber reinforced epoxy composites also called epoxy glass fiber reinforced plastic, can be used to manufacture the boat, sports equipment, car body and its parts and components, available in the chemical industry department manufacturing chemical corrosion resistant parts.

or EP epoxy resin, refers to the injection molding processing of polymer molecular structure containing epoxy groups. A wide variety of epoxy resin, but is of high yield, wide application of bisphenol A type epoxy resin. Epoxy resin structure containing epoxy groups and hydroxyl ether group, and structure and very close, so the epoxy resin has good electrical insulation, chemical corrosion resistance and heat resistance, its thermostability can reach 180 ℃.

of epoxy resin casting products and plastic injection products in radio electronics and electrical appliance industry has a large number of applications, such as the base of the coil skeleton, household electrical appliances, electrical industrial switch shell, motor shell, contact the carrier for the electronic industry and electronic devices, etc. Elastomer is at room temperature can be repeatedly stretched to the original length of more than 2 times, and after the stress relief, can respond quickly to close to the original length or shape of material.

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