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EVA content on the properties of PC/PE alloy

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Welded seam strength is especially for processing plastic injection molding processing and forming, the serious problems in welded seam usually is the weak area of the mechanical properties of mold products, especially in blend weaker. PC/PE alloy welded seam strength is lower than pure PC, join the EVA can make PE dispersed particles become smaller, and spread more uniform, the other products melt it v-notch is greatly reduced, thus welded seam strength increased.

PC/PO alloy with excellent comprehensive performance and low cost, high notched impact strength of PC/PE alloys, up to 5 times of pure PC, thick wall gap resistance good impact toughness, good toughness at low temperature. PC/PE alloy, good resistance to boiling water at 100 ℃ in the boiling water immersion after 200 h, the tensile strength was almost unchanged, 140 h under 120 ℃ heat treatment, the impact strength is still higher than twice the general PC. PC/PE alloy good weatherability, outdoor exposure for two years, and its basic performance remains the same. PC/PO alloy melt viscosity is lower than PC, good melt flow, processing, reduce 10 - 20 ℃, forming large thin-walled parts, products residual stress is small.

from dimer compatilizer is a kind of new type of PC/PE alloy compatibilizer, he is ethylene and random copolymer of methyl acrylic acid sodium zinc or plasma in different degrees and the product of the compatibilizer for commercialization of the product. Ionomer with polyhydroxy ether bisphenol A with 1:1 proportion distribution of use, for PC/HDPE alloy has better compatibilizers. From dimer of PC/PE alloy compatibilizers and from polymers and sodium ions in propylene content in the degree of neutralization, suitable for a 12 - acrylic acid content 15%, sodium ions, neutralization degree of 50%.

PC/PE alloy with EVA, can reduce the interfacial tension of PC and PE two phase, to decrease the size of dispersed phase. With the increase of content of EVA, dispersed phase particle size decreases, and when the content of EVA was 1%, the dispersed phase particle size tends to be constant, continue to increase the EVA content to 3%, the dispersed phase particle size remains the same. EVA compatibilizers for PC/PE in performance to increase the impact strength of alloy, density increases.

the impact strength of PC/PE alloy and density increases with the increase of content of EVA, when EVA content more than 5%, the impact strength increased trend is not obvious, and the tensile strength and linear expansion coefficient decreased with the increase of content of EVA, this is because the EVA two-phase interface on the formation of the middle layer of two phase coupling is not very good state. EVA is the feature of can improve the strength of welded seam of PC/PE alloy.

add 1% of EVA, can make the welded seam strength of PC/PE alloy 3 times. EVA capacity of PC/PE alloy welded seam strength increase with the rise and injection molding processing temperature, this is due to the temperature, viscosity of blend is reduced, thus to EVA in the interface. To EVA capacity of PC/PE alloy without welded seam injection into a single gate tensile samples and the jointed two gate tensile samples, determination of different injection EVA content of two kinds of samples under different temperature than the tensile strength, tensile modulus ratio and elongation ratio. EVA content is about 0. 5%, the alloy welding samples with the welding samples than the tensile strength, tensile modulus ratio and elongation have relatively large values.

the preparation of PC/PO alloy can adopt double screw extruder, also can use single screw extruder, two different types of equipment of the performance of the alloy are different. Twin screw extruder shear force is big, is advantageous to the alloy components evenly dispersed, blending effect is good. Single screw extruder mixing effect is a bit poor. Under the high content of PC, the double screw extrusion mechanism for PC/HDPE alloys notched impact strength and tensile strength.

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