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Extrusion molding process

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Extrusion molding process parameters including temperature, pressure, speed, drawing speed, etc. Temperature is one of the important conditions of extrusion process to run smoothly. From joining plastic tube to eventually become a injection molding product has experienced an extremely complex process of temperature changes. To control the extrusion temperature, the feeding section temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant, and compression and homogenization temperature should be higher, the specific resin should be according to the types of plastics and plastic pieces of the case may be.

thermoplastic after leaving the nose mouth mold parts, should immediately to finalize the design and cooling, otherwise, the plastic parts under the gravity deformation, a depressed or distortions. In most cases, the setting and cooling was conducted at the same time. Only when out all kinds of bar and tube, is an independent sizing process, and don't need to finalize the design such as extrusion film, monofilament, only by cooling.

for extrusion of rigid plastic parts drawing speed is not big, usually the traction speed regulation must be within a certain range, and be very even, or it will affect the size uniformity and mechanical properties. Through traction plastic parts cutting according to the requirement in the cutting device, or in the take-up device made rolls around. In addition, some plastic parts, such as film sometimes need to reprocess, in order to improve the dimensional stability.

extrusion plate and sheet, sometimes need to by a pair of roller and flat, and the roller is actually setting and cooling effect. Finalize the design method of pipe sizing available, such as sizing ring and so on, can also have use special mouth mold is cooled to sizing, but either way, the pipe billet are formation pressure difference inside and outside, make it close to the sizing and cooling to finalize the design. Cooling with air cooling or water cooling, cooling speed has a great influence on the plastic parts performance.

hard plastic parts can't too fast cooling, otherwise easy to cause residual stress, and affect the appearance of the plastic parts quality, soft type or crystal plastic parts require cooling in time, in order to avoid the plastic deformation. Since mouth die extrusion plastic, generally occur due to pressure suddenly lifted from inflation, and contraction happens again after cooling, so as to change the size and shape of the plastic. In addition, because of the continuous extrusion of plastic parts since the weight is more and more big, if not be directed, can lead to stagnation of plastic parts, plastic parts not low extrusion smoothly. In the cooling at the same time, therefore, must be evenly to the introduction of the plastic parts, that is the traction.

extruder preheating to the prescribed temperature, start the motor drive screw rotation conveying material, at the same time to add plastic cylinder. Heavy plastic cylinder under the action of a plus heat and shear friction heat melt plasticization. Due to the screw rotates to plastic are pushing, forced plastic by the filtering plate filter, then through the nose molding for certain mouth shape continuous profiles. The extrusion molding processing poor quality, the appearance of the early also poor, to adjust the process conditions and equipment until normal to put into production. In extrusion process, it is important to pay special attention to the temperature and the shear friction heat two factors impact on the quality of plastic parts.

drawing process are done by extruder, one of the auxiliary traction device. Drawing speed should be compatible with the extrusion speed, usually drawing speed slightly bigger than the extrusion speed, in order to eliminate the dimension of plastic parts value, suitable for the plastic parts of stretching to improve quality. Different parts drawing speed. Usually thin film and the drawing of the monofilament speed can be faster, the reason is pulling speed, the thickness of the plastic parts and diameter decreases, and the longitudinal fracture strength, elongation at failure.

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