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Extrusion molding process parameters

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
The side of the hopper has glass sight hole and calibration of measuring devices, some hopper also can prevent plastic with water absorption of moisture from the air preheating drying and vacuum relief devices, to overcome the phenomenon of powdered plastic produce bridge agitator and can automatic feeding or feeding device regularly. Cylinder is a heated metal cylinder pressure, material plasticizing and compression are carried out in the cylinder. When it is squeezed the working temperature at 180 ℃ - commonly 290 ℃, the pressure inside the cylinder can reach 55 mpa. Outside of the cylinder is equipped with the segmentation of heating and cooling device, heating and cooling - to plastic Nantong on the injection molding processing factories.

refers to the temperature of the plastic melt extrusion molding temperature, he in a large extent depends on the temperature of the cylinder and the screw. Part because of plastic melt in the heat from the cylinder screw rotation in the mixed friction heat, when the external tube heater with mostly material. In actual production, in order to detect convenient, often materials barrel temperature to approximate molding temperature. Temperature is an important process parameters in extrusion molding, in production should be strictly controlled. Usually head temperature must be controlled under the plastic pyrolysis temperature, but should guarantee the plastic melt with good liquidity.

should be compatible with the extrusion speed and traction speed is generally drawing speed slightly bigger than the extrusion speed, in order to eliminate the dimension of parts, at the same time on the proper stretching the product to improve the quality of parts. Speed and extrusion speed ratio as traction ratio, its value must be equal to or greater than 1. Extrusion molding equipment used by the simple structure, convenient operation, and covers an area of a good, clean environment. Extrusion forming strong adaptability, in addition to the fluorine plastic, nearly all thermoplastics can use this method to shape. Part of the thermosetting plastic extrusion molding is used.

plastic extruder is plastic extrusion molding equipment, screw extruder and plunger extruder two categories, the former for the continuous extrusion machine, the latter for intermittent extruder. Can be divided into the single screw extruder screw extruder and screw extruder. Currently, single screw extruder are the most common extrusion equipment, commercial production is also the most basic of extruder. More screw extruder in twin screw extruder, the fastest growing in recent years its application also gradually extensive. Plunger extruder is by means of the plunger push pressure, plasticizing good will in advance or by extrusion cylinder heating melt from the mouth of the plasticizing die extrusion and molding.

after the melt extrusion plunger returned, and then to the next operation, production is discontinuous, and extrusion materials no mixing effect, so the production is used less. But due to high push pressure plunger to melt, so can be applied to plastic melt viscosity is very big and the least liquid. Extrusion system mainly includes the hopper, barrel, screw, the nose and so on several parts, extrusion molding of granular materials, powder materials commonly used feed and strip material.

extrusion speed is per unit time extruder die extrusion plasticizing good mouth plastic quality or length. His characterization of the extruder production capacity. Extrusion speed and the resistance of the extrusion die mold, the structure of the screw with a nitrogen-treated barrel, screw speed, heating system and plastic characteristics factors, which has the greatest effect in the structure and rotational speed of screw, thus adjust the screw rotation speed is to control the speed of the main measures.

hopper is to guarantee the continuous feed extruder cylinder device, shaped like a funnel, a conical and four LingZhui form. The bottom of the hopper and feeding tube joint is charging hole, the place has a truncated device, can adjust and block material flow. Around the charging hole have a cooling jacket, to prevent the high temperature heat transfer tube to the hopper, avoid in the hopper caused by uneven loading and temperature sticky plastic flow happens - Nantong on the injection molding processing factories.

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