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Gas-assisted molding

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
According to the structure characteristics of the injection molding product itself, usually choose appropriate die structure, but in general, due to compression deformation is limited, moulding is not suitable for forming complex shape parts. The design of the moulded parts and principle of the design of the injection molded parts are basically the same, but there are some differences. Thermoset moulding parts of commonly used wall thickness of 1. 5 - 4 mm, a large plastic wall thickness can be in more than 10 mm, using fiber reinforced parts, because of the raw material liquidity is poor, should have a larger wall thickness, and the wall too thin, less fiber content, the working strength of affect. Wall thickness also increase with the increase of the depth of parts, usually depth of each increase of 100 mm, 1 mm thickness.

in order to improve the strength, can strengthen muscle as the gas channel. Gas-assisted injection molding parts with rod, plate shape and thickness difference is bigger, more complex shape of three kinds of molded parts. Of rod parts, generally when the design should pay attention to the external outline is round shape for round or at least best approximation, as much as possible to prevent the uneven distribution of the melt. With square contour parts, should avoid the sharp edges and corners, smooth the corner to the larger radius arc transition, can avoid airway peripheral plastic thickness difference is too big.

pressing mould and injection mould is one of the biggest difference between, die without pouring system, which makes it the molding process of relatively simple. Adopt the moulded parts for the injection molding parts, internal stress of small parts, less warping deformation phenomenon, a relatively balanced various performance parts, size stability is good. Moulding process can produce high flatness, good optical performance level flour products. There are many kinds of type of die structure used in the molding, different types of structure has a great influence on the molding parts.

the thickness of the gas-assisted molding parts of general for 3 - 6 mm, flow at some distance is shorter or smaller parts, wall thickness can also be designed to be thinner, such as 1. 5 - 2. 5 mm, for the gas channel flat layer thickness should not be greater than 3. 5 mm, with part of the airway surface parts thickness less than 3 mm, and the height of the airway should be at least twice to surface of wall thickness. Rod type molding pieces of wall thickness should be as uniform as possible, the thickness of slab transition can be set up at the gas channel, so as to realize the smooth transition section change.

set the gas channel at the edge of the product can increase the products on the edge of the strength and rigidity. In ordinary injection molded parts, stiffener is solid reinforcement, and in the gas-assisted injection molding parts, gas channel improvement in the reinforcement design at the bottom of the hollow parts of rigidity. To strengthen the thickness of the wall thickness of 2 - the can be connected Three times, and the height of the stiffeners can be equal to or greater than 3 times the wall thickness. In addition, the transition of the stiffener circle radius can take half of the wall thickness, the profile option 1 & deg; The draft.

hollow structure played a lower weight, saving raw materials, injection molding processing products increase the stiffness and strength of the parts. Can turn ordinary need multiple components in a injection molding, thereby increasing the degree of integrated product design degrees of freedom and the product production. Ordinary flat assembled products injection molding, redesigned as a body, and shape parts easy to buckling deformation, and the gas-assisted molding products with hollow structure buckling deformation.

gusset plate is used in wall enhanced, ordinary plastic gusset plate design, can be used in the gas-assisted injection molding pieces two wall corner design with hollow floor instead of the airway. Moulding the main process is, put the raw material heated to predetermined temperature compression mould. Mould is put pressure on the body of the clamp connection in pressure and temperature, under the joint action of material melt in the cavity, and evenly filled with any part of the cavity, the final molding parts.

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