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Gate parameters of mold injection molding plant

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Stands at the junction of the plastic melt flow front often form the weld mark, results in the decrease of strength of the place. Gate location and quantity determines the number and position of weld mark, in general, gate number increase, increase welding scar. When the process is not long, don't need to open more than one gate. Change the spokes gate to disc gate, can eliminate the weld mark, in addition, also should pay attention to position of weld mark. Plastic melt flow within the cavity flow orientation, and part of the reserves in the processing of plastic injection parts, make with anisotropic parts, the design should consider the influence of molecular orientation.

will sometimes disc gate and circular runner are collectively referred to as the ring gate. In transverse feeding parts of ring gate also called a shunt gate, because in the middle of the cores have the effect of shunt cone. Scope is similar to the spokes of the gate, the applicable scope of the disc gate with a rectangular hole also apply parts, but it will feed the whole area into several small pieces of circular arc or feed directly, thus can regard it as the inside of the gate. This gate removal is convenient, port setting material is less, the upper mold core to locate and increase the stability of the core, but on the strength of the weld mark influencial parts and appearance quality.

there are two ways to avoid injection, one is the increase in gate section size, lower melt flow rate, the second is to use impact type gate, improve plastic melt. When the wall thickness is large parts, on the premise of avoid injection, gate opening in cross section in the thickest parts, taking advantage of melt flow and exhaust and fill material, avoid to produce shrinkage cavity or surface sag. When the parts on the strengthening rib, can use strengthening rib as improve flow channel, to prevent the cavity injection.

the claw round gate is a variant form of radial gate, the core of the tapered end on open port. Mainly used for the inner hole smaller long tube type or coaxial degree requirements high parts. TAB gate is also known as tapping type gate or adjust the gate. In open ears slot on the side of the mold, the plastic melt through the gate on the ear canal side impact, adjust the direction and speed and then into the cavity, so can prevent the small gate directly on the cavity when the main ingredient of jet phenomenon, is a kind of typical impact gate, he can reduce the internal stress near the gate, to prevent the cavity pressure. Plastic is very effective for illiquid. TAB gate installed in the thick wall parts, the gate removal difficult, mark is bigger.

should also pay attention to the depth of the rectangular cross-section gate and wall thickness of fabrication, rectangular cross-section gate width and surface parts and parts and the diameter of circular cross-section gate surface area and thickness of the relationship. Gate location and the number has great influence on the quality of the product, the size of the gate is small, if you are on a filling space of the width and thickness is big, the speed of plastic melt through the gate into the cavity, it will have high shear stress, will produce the phenomenon such as injection and peristalsis, form the plastic parts surface and internal defects. Injection at the same time also makes the air inside the cavity is difficult to eliminate, cause parts there are air bubbles, even in the presence of a certain corner of the carpet.

round ring gate set on the outer edge of the concentric with the cylindrical cavity, which set the gate around the cavity, so also known as circular gate, the gate location precisely correspond to the inside of the disc gate. Circular ring gate is suitable for thin wall long tube shape. Because of the plastic melt around the core evenly into the cavity, exhaust effect is good, even to fill the parts without weld mark. But remove the gate is difficult, and left obvious gate mark on the outside of parts. Used at a small circular gate, multi-cavity mold. Channel length is zero. 7 - 1. 2mm。

, after the confirmation of the gate location should be at the end of the cavity filling in or away from the gate to open vent groove, or use, such as push rod gap within the mold parting surface activities section of the exhaust. Gate location can not be set at the site of the parts under bending load or impact, because the injection molding processing parts near the gate of the large residual stress and strength is poor, generally can withstand the tension stress, cannot withstand the bending stress and impact.

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