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Glass fiber reinforced composite materials

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Glass fiber is not high, the disadvantage is that the modulus cannot be compared with carbon fiber, aramid fiber, but the toughness is better than carbon fiber. Glass fiber is usually prone to mechanical damage, not wear-resisting, friction in most applications, the glass fiber is not ideal to enhance injection processing materials, he will be serious abrasion on the surface of the grinding material, therefore in the process of equipment damage is larger. GFRP materials and a question is, can not be ignored, injection molding products often present anisotropy, so often improved by mixing mineral filler.

many materials company has taken the resin transfer molding as the most promising composite processing method, this method processing products of high strength, especially RTM method can be a molding including reinforcement, convex platform, grooves and the complexity of the structure with embedded parts products, so the RIM method may replace other processing methods. Glass fiber reinforced composites, commonly known as glass fiber reinforced plastic, polymer-based composites was developed in the 1950 s.

usually use 20% to thermoplastic matrix 40% of the short fiber reinforced, the content of the individual can be as high as 60%. By enhancing, mechanics performance, thermal performance can be improved, thus dosage is bigger. Long fiber reinforced thermoplastics has more than the average fiber reinforced material excellent features, has become the fastest growing thermoplastic market varieties. The biggest application market is all kinds of automotive plastic parts. High temperature resistant special engineering plastic, usually in continuous fiber reinforced, as an advanced composite material used in high technology fields.

at present all kinds of high performance reinforced fiber composite materials has been developed rapidly and more and more applications, but as the forerunner of the composite material of glass fiber reinforced composite material, still dominate in applications, the use of more than 90% of the dosage of resin matrix composites. Glass fiber is a kind of cheap and good comprehensive properties of reinforced material, the varieties also more commonly used models have ASEMDC etc. , is the most widely used E glass fiber, S is high strength glass fiber, M is high modulus glass fibers. In recent years, newly developed a kind of hollow S - 2 glass fiber, is a new reinforced material light weight and low price.

glass fiber reinforced composite material, its comprehensive performance on the one hand depends on the fiber, such as the composition of glass fiber, form, diameter, length, content, distribution and arrangement and all kinds of processing technology. On the other hand also depends on the substrate. GFRP of thermosetting resin as matrix, and good thermal stability, dimension stability is good, but are usually harder and more brittle than in FeiChanXiang stress state, the destruction of the material is controlled by the matrix.

different production methods, injection molding products processing performance difference is bigger. The old gradually perfect and improve production technology, new methods of production and in the face, a new molding process often form a kind of new material system, such as research in motion (RIM) process to form the corresponding PIM material system, the raw materials needed for the ready made - first Prefabricated base material, and then further processed into the finished product, which can improve the production efficiency, reduce cost and quality of the temperature. The precast base material is currently widely used group that the sheet molding compound, die plastic and reinforced thermoplastic plastic sheets.

thermoplastic matrix combined with fiber is toughness, resourceful, internal cracks can effectively absorb the matrix, and resist stress cracking, to give full play to the strength of the fiber characteristics. Thermosetting matrix has been in continuous fiber reinforced resin matrix composites in dominant. For GFRP mostly unsaturated polyester and phenolic resin, polyester resin dosage the biggest, accounts for about 80% of the total, generally used for corrosion resistance or advanced epoxy resin matrix composite materials.

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