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Glass fiber reinforced nylon

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Glass fiber reinforced nylon production looks be like simple, but to produce high performance products is not simple. The reason is that the production process, the glass fiber dispersion, glass fiber and nylon base adhesive, glass fiber size and their distribution, all kinds of fertilizer application and technology conditions the correct adjustment of the screw, the combination and control of speed and performance factors will affect the injection molding processing products. Only grasp each link, the elaborate debugging, can produce high quality products.

the influence of glass fiber surface treatment. Glass fiber production process generally need to surface infiltration processing, infiltration processing both protect glass fiber from wear and tear, at the same time provide between glass fiber and polymer matrix with good bonding interface. Glass fiber infiltration agent main ingredients as coupling agent and film former, the coupling agent of silane class of organic compounds. Film-former composition and other additives affected the performance of glass fiber, the kinds of must be according to the basic material and finished product performance requirements, choose the appropriate types of glass fiber, for glass fiber reinforced PA with glass fiber additives, had better choose polyurethane, epoxy glycidyl ether, acrylic film formers.

glass fiber has high strength, weather resistance, heat resistance, good insulation, compared with other fiber, glass fiber prices very low, is a low-cost high-performance reinforced material. The strength of the glass fiber reinforced nylon is pure nylon several times, this is the contribution of glass fiber to resist external force. Whether long or short glass fiber glass fiber reinforced PA, in the process of blending, glass fiber, under the action of a screw extruder high shear is cut into a certain length of fiber, and evenly distributed in PA matrix resin.

the diameter of the single fiber glass fiber on the mechanical property of reinforced PA produce bigger effect. In general, control in 10 - glass fiber diameter 20 within the scope of the glass fiber diameter is too thick, and poor adhesion of PA, caused the product mechanical performance degradation. Glass fiber is too thin, easy to be screw shear into fine powder, thereby losing fiber, glass fiber diameter on the mechanical behavior of reinforced PA66.

glass fiber moisture content, the influence of general glass fiber surface treatment agent during MFG soaked, glass fiber surface adsorption of certain moisture. The surface of the glass fiber water will make the PA produces hydrolysis reaction in melt extrusion process, cause a degradation of the PA, and reduces the mechanical properties of the reinforced PA, the mechanical properties of glass fiber moisture reinforced PA.

mixing extrusion process, the glass fiber can produce a certain degree of orientation along the axial direction, when external force injection molding processing products received from the substrate to glass fiber, change direction, the action of forces that along the direction of fiber orientation. The transfer function, to a certain extent, have the effect of force, is the energy dispersion effect, so as to enhance the ability of the material under external force, in the macro level, show the material mechanical properties such as flexural strength, tensile strength increased significantly.

glass fiber length to increase PA performance impact. Glass fiber length to increase PA larger impact on mechanical properties and appearance, the length of the glass fiber general control in 2 - 3 mm for the best. Theoretically, the longer the glass fiber length its enhancement effect, the better, but will lead to product surface is rough and flexure. Which had nothing to do with the original length of the length of the glass fiber, and rotational speed and screw combination structure and the related. So should be adjusted to control the length of the glass fiber structure and rotational speed of screw, glass fiber length to diameter on the mechanical properties of PA6.

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