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Guide pillar design of steering mechanism

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Launch institutions according to their to introduce the power source can be divided into manual introduced structure, the motor launch mechanism and hydraulic and pneumatic launch, etc. Manually launch institutions refers to the mold cavity after injection tooling, launched by the manual operation of institutions with plastic parts, it can be divided into a mould manual launch and mold manually launch two kinds. Mould manually launch institutions are often used to model a stranded in the side of the situation. Motor launch institutions rely on injection mould movement driven mold on the launch of the organization, implementation is separate automatically from plastic. Refers to the hydraulic and pneumatic system in the injection molding machine dedicated hydraulic or pneumatic device, will the launch of the organization launched by mould mould outside or will blow out plastic mould.

can be used to guide pin of the same material or copper alloy wear-resistant materials guide bush, but the hardness should be slightly below the guide pin hardness, as this can help to reduce wear and tear, in order to prevent the column or set of hair. Because the structure of the mould is different, choose the guide pillar and guide sleeve structure are also different. Guide pillar and guide sleeve with form according to the structure of the mould and the production requirements. Guide pin guide bush of and guidance, although good to neutral, but after all, because the guide pillar and guide sleeve fit clearance, guidance accuracy may not be very high. When asked involution high precision or lateral pressure is very big, must adopt cone guide positioning method.

of the launch and the reset action on in order to ensure smooth and flexible, for large mold or putting a lot of mold, usually of the guide on set. For mass production is not too big mould, also can use push board guide pin and push rod fixed plate direct guidance. Some mould also has support pin, small mould 4 only, medium-sized mold 6 - Eight only. Support pin keep push plate and die plate is formed between clearance, to ensure the flatness, and help the removal of waste materials, debris, also can support the nail thickness adjustment function to adjust the push rod work on the assembly location.

when the mould is small, can be used with a cone guide pillar and guide sleeve. For larger size mold, must adopt dynamic and fixed template respectively with cone guide positioning and guide pin guide sleeve joint use. There are two kinds of the circular cavity design of involution. Cavity surrounded by dynamic template template structure forming, under the pressure of plastic inside the cavity, cavity wall outward that meeting involution cone a gap.

template structure dynamic model by cavity forming, involution cone will post more tightly, is the ideal choice. Angle of cone of little value to involution, but will be needed to open mold resistance increase, so the cone of the single side slope generally available in 5 & deg; - 20° Within the scope of selection. For square cavity cone involution, cavity can be template cone and cavity design into a whole. In addition, the core side of the cone can be designed as independent parts quenching with spell on the core template, so the structure of the processing is simple, and easy to adjust plastic wall thickness, wear after the insert and convenient for replacement.

guide hole without a guide sleeve and has two kinds of guide bush. No guide bush guide hole is opened on the template directly, this form of hole processing is simple, applicable to small batch production, plastic injection moulds of accuracy is not high. In order to guide pillar smoothly into the guide sleeve, the front end of the guide sleeve should be fillet. Guide hole is best done through hole for air in the vent. If the template is thicker, guide hole must be blind holes, can play a small hole in the side of the blind hole exhaust or in the sidewalls of the guide pin grinding out exhaust slot.

after the injection molding of plastic parts and gating system of the structure of the setting out of the mould material become institutions. Introduce agency action is usually installed at the top of the injection molding machine to stem or hydraulic cylinder. Launch institutions generally by launch, reset, and guide the three parts. Reset lever on the push rod fixed plate, when the work was introduced reset lever followed. Clamping, the moving mould part to move forward, when the reset lever out of the end of any contact with fixed template, launch institutions reset action began.

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