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Improve plastics processing performance

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Improve plastics processing performance
PVC resin under the action of shear force when heated, plastic injection processing modifier firstly melt and adhesion in PVC resin particles surface, based on its compatibility with the resin and high molecular weight, increase the PVC viscosity and friction, shear stress and heat transfer effectively to the PVC resin, accelerating the melting. PVC melt has disadvantages such as poor strength, poor ductility and melt rupture, and processing modifier can improve the rheological properties of melt the above said. Its mechanism is: the increase of PVC melt viscoelastic, thus improving from the mode expansion and increase the melt strength, etc. Add processing AIDS in LLDPE, can improve the stability of the melt flow, eliminate the melt fracture phenomenon, reduce the melt viscosity, lower back pressure and so on.

compatible with PVC processing modifier part first melting, promote fusion effect, which is incompatible with PVC part to molten resin system migration, thus improving mold release. Plastic adding curing agent processing formula is mainly used for thermosetting resins and a small number of thermoplastic resin, its purpose is to improve the thermosetting resin the disadvantage of the melt viscosity is very low, pure thermosetting resin melt almost is a fluid, direct injection molding processing.

thermosetting resin in its forming as a linear structure, with liquidity, these linear thermosetting resin and thermoplastic resin with different is its molecular chain reaction groups or the marauder. In hot forming, the above reaction groups or the marauder can occur and crosslinking agent of macromolecular crosslinking reaction, make its by linear structure into a mesh structure, has the characteristics of insoluble, therefore, thermosetting resin molding is essentially a reaction, is a continuation of the synthesis reaction.
to make thermosetting resin crosslinking reaction to take place, need to be added to pure resin curing agent and curing catalyst, curing agent on the one hand can play a catalytic crosslinking effect, at the same time itself and residual curing reaction. Of different types of resin to curing agent type is not the same. Measure how thermosetting resin crosslinking reaction is generally expressed by crosslinking degree, the degree of crosslinking reaction has occurred for groups or living point of the original group or the ratio of the marauder. Crosslinking degree is not necessarily the bigger the better, but as optimal injection molding processing products performance.

as with PVC resin, some of the thermosetting resin processing aid is necessary, otherwise not bottom go to, response to plastic processing. Thermosetting resins commonly used processing AIDS are: curing agent, curing catalyst, thinner and plasticizer, etc. , including curing agent to hangzhou-ningbo, is indispensable. Curing agent can promote or participate in thermosetting resin crosslinking reaction substances, also known as curing agent, and in thermoplastic resin, often referred to as crosslinking agent. Method of curing agent has two effects: its own participate in crosslinking reaction, as curing agent, its only promote crosslinking effect, not to participate in the crosslinking reaction, be the catalyst.

amine curing agent is commonly used in such thermosetting resin curing agent varieties, mainly used in epoxy resin and phenolic resin. There are hundreds of amine curing agent of variety, a lot. The properties of the amine curing agent for: room temperature curing, good water resistance, toughness can also be made stronger curing. Amine curing agent: are the shortcomings of low molecular weight polymer itself contains more, easy cause resin after curing skin wrinkles, amine has strong moisture absorption and the ability to absorb carbon dioxide, can make the cured resin surface hair phenomenon, it has low toxicity.

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